16 Men And Women On The One Piece Of Advice They Wish They Could Give Their Younger Selves

The best part about getting older is that you inevitably get a lot wiser, too. We all learn as we go. Below, 16 men and women reveal what theyve learned so you can benefit from their real life experience just as much as they have.

1. You have to appreciate the differences in how people think. Theres so much joy to be found in how different people view the world.

2. Work hard. Theres really no downside to it! It feels so good to offer your best to the world around you.

3. Dance like nobodys watching whenever you get the chance.

4. In a relationship, youll never run out of things to share if neither of you stop growing as individuals.

5. Talking things through is immensely helpful. Dont sit with your problems. Open up and watch how much faster youre able to resolve issues as a result.

6. If you really love somebody, show it.

7. Save 15 percent of every paycheck. You wont regret it.

8. Every single challenge you face is a gift you can learn from, even if it doesnt seem like it at the time.

9. If you think they might be into you and youre into them, then make a move. Dont wait. Do it.

10. Your parents will get old faster than you can imagine. Love them.

11. Appreciate the tiny moments. Theyll become the most memorable.

12. Read as often as you can, and step outside your comfort zone when choosing which books to devour.

13. Surround yourself with good people who care about you and will pick up the phone at 2am when you need them. Be that person for them as well and youre pretty much set.

14. Spend more time outdoors! Getting out in the sun does wonders for your mood and health. Its one of those easy fixes that people often dont even think about.

15. Value yourself, but dont take yourself so seriously. Theres a happy medium thats hard to find but once you find it its easy to recognize. Yes, I know this sounds like a rid-dle.

16. When your relatives ask you to do things with them and you already have plans with friendsditch the friends, not the relatives. Your friends will understand.

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