Depressed Woman Is Always Bullied About Her Looks. Then A Stranger Tells Her To Get In The Car

Jessica has suffered from obesity all her life. By the time she was in fourth grade, she weighed 250 pounds. Every time she left the house, she was tormented by bullies who made jokes and pointed. Boys pretended to like her as a cruel and humiliating joke.

Jessicas teachers told her that her weight would hold her back from getting a good education. Doctors told her she wouldnt live past the age of 30.

Her living situation caused anendless feelingof depression and hopelessness. Jessica is an adult, but she cant drive, she no job and she has never been in a romantic relationship.

Knowing shes a ticking time bomb, Jessica emailed The Doctors and hoped for a miracle. It took a lot of bravery to reach out for help, and the TV show decided to do whatever they could to get her health on track.

In the segment below, Rosie Mercado a successful plus size model picks up Jessica and takes her to the doctor.

Rosie is someone who knows what Jessica is going through firsthand, and Jessica has no idea the pep talk shes about to receive.

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