Grandma Cant Be At Girls Birthday, So 10-Year-Old Goes To Nursing Home With All Her Friends

Ellie Boshers is best friends with grandma Rita Blankenship. Turning 10 years old was a really big deal for Ellie, as she was entering the coveted “double digits” age.

However, Rita had recently undergone spinal surgery. She couldn’t leave her nursing homeand had to miss the party. Ellie couldn’t stand the thought of her grandmother missing out on the event, so she brought the birthday party to her.

“Mom has missed two of Ellie’s birthdays due to her health. She’d never miss an event if she could help it,” said Kimber Boshers, Ellie’s mom. “They’re buddies.”

Rita was there to cut Ellie’s umbilical cord when she was born and even took the young girl to Disneyland. Together, the duo go shopping, paint, and bake.

Ellie threw an Alice in Wonderland-themed birthday party at the nursing home. She dressed up, brought treats, and was able to include Grandma in the milestone.

“There were games, crafts, a photo booth and dress-up accessories for them,” Boshers explained. “The nursing home was fabulous.”

Some may think it is impossible for different generations to get along, let alone become friends. Ellie’s strong bond with her grandmother shows us that anything is possible.

See the stunning photos from Ellie’s birthday extravaganza below.

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