Heres What Your Valentines Day Looks Like, Based On Your Zodiac Sign And Relationship Status


Single: Your confidence wont keep you single much longer. Enjoy the day.

Relationship: As a natural born leader and someone who likes to take control, you’re going to be running the show this Valentines and sweeping your partner off their feet.


Single: While some people get upset being single on Valentines Day, you dont care enough to not let it impact you. Your number one focus is on your family, the people youve loved from day 1.

Relationship: You show your affection through gifts and material things. Chances are you already know what youre getting your partner and they are going to love it.


Single: A single Gemini is the life of every party they walk into. You view relationships as something to be concerned about later but for now, you enjoy your friends and a night out with them is all you really want.

Relationship: A Gemini in a relationship is loyal and trustworthy. You still have a wild side to you but the chances are the person youre with can keep up. You dont date people who arent at your level. Expect your Valentines day to be one that isnt planned but full of adventure.


Single: You care so little about your relationship status chances are you didnt even know it was Valentines Day. Keep doing you.

Relationship: As someone who doesnt make a big deal out of holidays, your Valentines Day is going to be something very low key like a nice intimate night in.


Single: An ex will come back right around Valentines. Remember why you broke up, no matter what they say.

Relationship: A Leo in a relationship is the one wearing the pants. Remember as generous as you choose to be, thats what will come back to you this year.


Single: A single Virgo focuses on themselves and their career. While you might not have plans this year, youre so driven, to you, its just another day.

Relationship: You dont say much but you show you care through actions and gestures. A romantic night is something youve been planning for a while now.


Single: A single Libra is one who chooses the single life. Level headed and reliable people of this sign take getting in relationships very slow and is very selective in who gets their time and attention. Keep your standards that high and youll surely meet someone soon.

Relationship: A hopeless romantic and someone who believes and expects gestures to show a sign of caring, youre either going to go all out for the person you love or youll be pleasantly surprised when they knock you off your feet.


Single: Youve never been one who likes being single in this day. Your high level of emotions are masked, the front you put up is one where you dont care. But anyone who knows you deeply, knows youre one of the most sensitive and loyal people there is. Hang in there. Its only 24 hours.

Relationship: A Scorpio in a relationship is one of the most romantic and easiest to fall for. Being as guarded you are, once you let someone in, thats it. Your night might be a little cliche but thats perfect.


Single: The strongest skills you have are your quick and accurate judgment of people. Just because you havent met someone in a while, stay true to yourself because this will be the year you meet someone special.

Relationship: Being right about people often has helped you even in your current relationship. You knew the moment you guys met it would be something. Keep that spark alive even if youve been dating for a while.


Single: The chances are youre single because you question everyone. You arent an easy person to get off the market and people have tried with you. You don’t settle. That’s a good thing.

Relationship: If youre finally in a relationship chances are you’re going to spoil the shit out of the person because youve waited long enough for the right one and you deserve it.


Single: While you wont be in a relationship on Valentines day youre going to strike up a conversation close to the day and this person is going to come to mean a lot to you in the future. So just be patient.

Relationship: Youre in such a healthy relationship where you really dont need a holiday to show your love for the person you are with. But a little chocolate never hurt anyone.


Single: You forgive too easily. Be wary of people in your past returning not because they miss you because they are lonely. Dont give them the satisfaction of answering.

Relationship: As a hopeless romantic and dreamer your partner is going to make this year one to remember. Be prepared to be wowed.

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