Mom Thinks Shes Given Birth To Normal Baby Girl, Then She Opens Her Mouth To Cry

Many couples struggle to get pregnant, so when they finally get confirmation that they’ll be adding a new baby to their family, it’s a joyous moment.

For the most part, anything considered a “shock” during a pregnancy or birth is not a good thing. Parents expect things to go exactly as it says in the books, but most parents are in for a surprise when a baby is on the way. That was definitely the case for this couple.

Samantha Lines and her partner, Jason Doombs, tried for years to get pregnant before finally seeing two pink lines on a pregnancy test.

Samantha and Jason were thrilled that they were finally having a baby. When Samantha went into labor, her daughter was delivered by Cesarean (or “C-section”). Samantha had a “long and difficult labor,” but eventually midwives delivered baby Ella-Rose.

Ella-Rose was born perfectly healthy, but when she opened her mouth to cry, Samantha’s midwives were amazed by what they saw.

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After years of trying to get pregnant, Samantha and Jacob finally found out they were expecting.

When Samantha went into labor with their little girl, she had to deliver her via C-section.



When Ella-Rose opened her mouth, even the midwives were surprised.

The sweet little girl, Ella-Rose, was born with something very rare.


Inside her tiny mouth, on her bottom jaw, weretwo littlewhite teeth.

While most babies don’t start teething until around six months, little Ella-Rose was born with teeth already growing in.

Samantha recalls, “I was completely delirious with all the morphine and other painkillers. Suddenly a midwife said my baby had two front teeth. It was a complete surprise.”



“Everyone was telling me how amazing it was that my baby had front teeth, but I had very little idea of how rare that is.

“It wasn’t until I came to and somebody told me that it actually sunk in that this was such a unique thing. The doctors have told me that it’s very rare for this to happen.”


So now in addition to learning how to be a new mom, Samantha needs to learn to breastfeed a baby with teeth.

She’s a little nervous, she admitted. Usually moms experience a bit of discomfortwhen learning to breastfeed, but Samantha’s situation will be a little more difficult than everyone else’s.



Although she’s a little worried, though, she’s pretty sure it will be fine.

“Her teeth are only small,” Samantha said, “so hopefully it won’t be too painful. I’ve got bottles in case it is too difficult, but it seems fine at the moment.”


Doctors have warned Samantha and Jason that Ella-Rose’s teeth may fall out, which could be a choking hazard.

Because this is such a rare occurrence, Samantha has had a hard time finding information on how to handle little Ella-Rose’s teeth.



She explained, “I’m not even sure whether or not I should be brushing them or not. They look very delicate, so I don’t know whether I should even be touching them at all.

“It’s just something extra to deal with on top of everything else. You’re trying to learn everything when you’re a new mum, but I need more guidance.”

Although they’re learning, it’s clear that Samantha and Jason will be wonderful parents to Ella-Rose.

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