8 Ways To Sleep Better When It’s Blistering Hot Outside

June 22, 2017

… accidentsto increased risk of developing heart diseaseand Type 2 diabetes. 1. Close the windows and draw the blinds gpointstudio via Getty Images As it cools off in the evening … thats a good time to have your windows open [and get some air circulating], she said. When your windows are closed, the best thing to do is circulate the air in the room with a good fan. Increasing air circulation is critical to cooling down your bedroom, June says.Opening your bedroom door to allow more …


Theresa May: 10 reasons why the PM blew her majority – BBC News

June 14, 2017

… squeezes. Many commentators, on the left and right, who had written Jeremy Corbyn off as vote-losing liability have had to eat their words since the election. Just about everyone underestimated his appeal, once he was given a chance to air his views unmediated by a largely hostile press. 5) Manifesto policies Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionAnna Soubry has given a frank assessment of her party’s campaign The turning point of the campaign, according to …


GOP’s New Defense of Trump: The Guy’s A Toddler, He Doesn’t Know Any Better

June 9, 2017

… crucial U.S.air base when he issued a statement via Twitter accusing that nation of supporting terrorists. White House press secretary Sean Spicer said the MSNBC report on Qatar was not accurate. 100 percent false, he said. Alex Wong via Getty Images As it happens, Trumps ignorance actually seemed a feature on the campaign trail, as many of his core supporters justified their allegiance in spite of his clear and sometimes admitted lack of knowledge on a range of issues, from health care to …


This ‘tree’ has the environmental benefits of a forest

June 8, 2017

(CNN)air pollution is one of the world’s invisible killers. In urban areas, air quality is particularly problematic. More than 80% of people living in areas where pollution is monitored are exposed to air quality levels that exceed WHO limits. And given that by 2050 two thirds of the global population will be urban, cleaning up our cities’ air is a matter of urgency. …


iOS 11 is here and it’s packed with tons of new features

June 7, 2017

… photo of an image and then automatically corrects its perspective. RIP OfficeLens. Apple also introduced new versions for its other platforms, including watchOS 4, macOS High Sierra, and new improvements to tvOS. iOS 11 is available now to developers via the developer preview starting today and the official release will come in the fall for everyone else. It’s available for iPhone 5S and newer, iPad air and newer, iPad mini 2 and newer, and all iPad Pros. WATCH: Researchers are testing …


5 Nail Polish Colors You Need To Try This Summer

June 5, 2017

It’s basically summer, which means that you’ll be wearing sandals and taking pictures holding fruity drinks in the air like, all of the time for the next few months. You should probably stock up on some summer nail polish so you’re not rocking a ratchet chipped mani or pedi. And yes, you should probably also buy some even if your nail girl is currently the most solid relationship in your life. I don’t really have a reason for this, I just feel like having lots of …


Why Good People Ghost: The Rise Of A Dishonest Dating Culture

May 30, 2017

… intense connection with them, being altogether sure that the feelings were mutual that they were than the other shady people I was used to dating and then having them disappear into absolute thin air. I cant pretend it doesnt suck to be ghosted. I know Im not the first or last to experience the phenomenon but it still felt a bit like someone had punched me in the gut when it happened. The disregard is insulting. The lack of closure is maddening. You move on, but not before your self-esteem takes …


11 Morning Rituals You Can Adopt To Become A Happier And More Successful Person

… youre reading, you may find the words in your book to be inspirational, giving you even more motivation to start the day. 7. Listening To A Motivational Speaker Whether its a podcast, YouTube video, or a CD, find some motivational speakers that you enjoy listening to. This will inspire you to get your day started and also help you gain new insights each day. 8. Going Outside Sunlight and a little fresh air can do wonders for the mind and body. Start your day with a little time spent outside if …

May 29, 2017

Pete Souza’s most legendary Donald Trump trolls

… Level: 11 Trolls love a good photoshop, and Souza’s no exception. This edit was in response to Trump’s “wire tapping” (IN QUOTES) claim. He’s kind of asking for a troll there, no? Well, Pete, thanks for reminding us every step of the way that things used to be pretty normal and maybe even nice. Maybe we’ll even buy your book for a hard copy reminder, just in case your Instagram gets mysteriously seized. WATCH: Scuba dive tankless with this floating air caddie …

May 28, 2017

These new 3D scan fit helmets could make football safer

… NFL players, will use a new 3D head-scanning process on each player who wears its new Precision Fit headgear. To be sure there are other innovations in helmet tech, but unlike just about every other helmet design on the market, which use inflatable pads that are adjusted manually by handheld air pumps, the inside of the Precision Fit models have a custom-fit liner system made of “energy managing materials” built according to the personalized scan data of each player’s head. The …

May 28, 2017

If MacGyver lived today this is probably how he’d survive in the wild

Image: discovery channel We all use tech to get through the day. Whether its replying to messages on Slack or email for work, or using map apps to get us from place to place, our gadgets are often our lifeline to the world. But imagine having to use your gadgets to survive, literally. SEE ALSO: This tiny iPhone gadget can help you detect hazards lurking in the air That’s exactly what adventurer Andy Quitmeyer does in his new series Hacking the Wild. In the show, Quitmeyer, whose day …

May 27, 2017

China, the King of Coal, Is Getting Gassy

With factories and power plants across China burning half the world’s coal, the government’s latest targets for using more natural gas to ease the country’s worsening air pollution seemed too ambitious. Though gas remains a small and  The results are encouraging analysts to upgrade their demand forecasts and may signal the government is on track to reach its goal of getting as much as 10 percent of its energy from gas by 2020. It’s also bolstering the outlook …

May 25, 2017

Ipoh: A cultural and culinary guide to Malaysia’s rising tourism star

(CNN)Sometime after the tin slump of the 1980s, Ipoh earned a reputation for being a retirement destination, or just a pit stop on the way to Penang. “Before, there wasn’t one place where people gathered,” says Julie Song of Burps & Giggles, a cafe that’s contributed to the city’s new face. “Now, everyone who comes makes Old Town their first stop.” …

May 23, 2017

Tesla reportedly treats factory workers like many successful start-ups: Like afterthoughts

… herniated neck discs after he spent years on the assembly line with his arms raised above his head to reach cars hanging in the air. Workers believe those injuries and conditions are the result of grueling forced overtime in an unsafe environment, conditions employees believe are the result of managers trying to speed up production so Tesla can hit CEO Elon Musk’s goal of rolling out 500,000 new cars in 2018, which would be close to a 500 percent increase on the number produced in 2016. …

May 20, 2017

Girlguiding overhauls badges to help girls ‘thrive’ – BBC News

Image copyright Girlguiding Image caption air Mechanic badge was one of the earliest available Girlguiding might be more famous for less adventurous badges like Homemaker and Hostess but they also have a long tradition of groundbreaking badges, including: Image copyright Girlguiding Image caption Gymnast Beth Tweddle and Cece, a Brownie, have different goals in terms of new badges Sophie, 20, wanted a Video Journalist badge: “It would give girls the opportunity to learn …

May 18, 2017

1.2 million adolescents’ deaths mostly preventable, report says

(CNN)More than 1.2 million adolescents die every year around the world — an average of 3,000 deaths per day — from causes that are largely preventable, according to a new report from the World Health Organization. The leading cause of deathamong 10- to 19-year-olds globally in 2015 was road injury, which killed more than 115,000 people, followed by lower respiratory infections and self-harm. When separated by age, sex and region, however, the leading causes of death differed …

May 16, 2017