25 ways to save $250 a month that everyone is messing up

April 22, 2017

… going to put myself or my family at risk by cooking dinner using expired ingredients. If something is bad, its better to chuck it then risk getting a bad case of food poisoning. 10. Signing up for a new credit card just for the rewards In some instances, credit cards have perks like rewards, cashback on purchases, and 0% percent APR for balance transfers that make them worth considering. Before applying for that new card, review all of the fine print. This applies to businesses as well. The cost …


UK’s online shoppers top global spending survey – BBC News

April 21, 2017

… retailers have felt a significant impact from the online shopping habits of customers. Earlier this week, High Street retailer Debenhams announced a change of strategy owing, in part, to fast-growing “mobile interaction”. The plan means up to 10 of its 176 UK stores may be closed over the next five years. A central distribution warehouse and about 10 smaller warehouses could also be shut. A further cost burden was also felt, particularly by clothes retailers, as a result of online …


Londoners work ‘100 hours a year more than rest of the UK – BBC News

April 18, 2017

… } Click to see content: Averag_Hours_Worked A 2012 study found Londoners also faced the longest commute in the UK, spending an average 75 minutes per day travelling. This leaves commuters “needing to work more hours to make up the cost of travel,” according to Prof McQuaid. London has the UK’s highest proportion of workers in full-time employment (79%), each working an average of 38 hours per week. According to the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), Londoners …


Why do these failed paradises exist in Hong Kong?

April 13, 2017

(CNN)Setting foot onto Sea Ranch, it’s hard to believe that this beautiful beachside development is only an hour by boat from Hong Kong’s Island’s zinging financial district. Nestled on the southern coast of Lantau — the largest outlying island in Hong Kong — these spacious homes were designed to form an idyllic millionaire’s village. But that dream failed. In previous decades, when occupancy was at a nadir, Sea Ranch was described by some as having a …


CNN 10 – April 7, 2017

April 7, 2017

… was too lofty sounding. Heh! The company, Gravity, hopes to build 25 suits by the end of the year. They say it could travel hundreds of miles per hour if someone wants to try that, the estimated cost, a quarter million dollars per suit. Now, saving up and shaping up to suit up and take that suit up could be a ricorous (ph) process that wouldn’t suit everyone who’d be sore if they soared, but then fell prey to gravity in the gravity suit. Don’t fly too close to the sun, son, …


You’ll wait longer for ops, says NHS boss – BBC News

March 31, 2017

… year. This is the largest area of spending after staffing so NHS England’s report sets out ways this rising cost can be curbed. Firstly, a cap has been set on the bill for new drugs. The roll-out of any new treatments that are going to cost the NHS more than 20m a year will now be delayed to give health bosses time to open talks with the industry to drive down the price. Secondly, NHS England has announced it will review “low value” medicines. These include things such as …


Futuristic fragrance: New biotech unlocks scents that have never been sniffed

March 30, 2017

(CNN)Perfumery has always been an intricate science; much more effort goes into capturing a scent than those outside the industry might imagine. Over the last two decades, chemists have used innovative new technology to add an even larger array of scents to the perfumer’s palette, enabling them to create fragrances that have never been smelled before. For thousands of years, scents came directly from nature. Resins were collected from trees and burned as offerings to the gods; aromatic …


NHS funding review for gluten-free food – BBC News

March 29, 2017

… relatively low cost, often for self-limiting or minor conditions underlines the need for all healthcare professionals to work even closer with patients to ensure the best possible value from NHS resources.” The news comes ahead of a major announcement by NHS England later this week on the future of the health service. More From this publisher : HERE Recommended ProductsTF-Reseller-3 TrafficFresh ResellerRetail Berry White Label License Get the white label rights with master resell rights …


Super exclusive dating app thinks it’s found a way to stop ghosting

March 19, 2017

… for a reply? Bradford says that their users are confident enough that dont care if theyre ghosted. (Must be nice!) Instead, the anxiety they feel is all about the ‘not knowing’ if they should continue to wait on a match or go ahead and expire them. Fair enough. Read receipts were the number one thing users requested when they launched the paid program as a pilot last May. The paid membership, which anyone can now upgrade to, will cost you a one-time fee of $180 and get you access to …


Dems Say They’ll Help Trump Fix Obamacare If He Stops Trying To Kill It

March 17, 2017

… Congressional Budget Office analysis of the GOPs replacement plan found the Affordable Care Act is not in dangerof collapse. Trump just needs to end his mission to destroy the entire legislation. And to be clear, the time for Republicans to back away from Trumpcare and its devastating consequences is now, not after tens of millions of people have lost their coverage, Murray added, referring to the CBO estimates that Trumps repeal push would cost 24 million people their insurance by 2026. …


A CBO report that conservatives can get behind

March 14, 2017

… those who are older or who are poorer, for example, afford private coverage. Or perhaps provisions that require states to automatically enroll the uninsured in default, no-premium private insurance plans. Any or all of these reforms will likely boost coverage numbers. But they will cost money, eat into the budget savings currently generated by the bill, and may be viewed suspiciously by some conservatives. The CBO estimates illustrate the difficult choices that lie ahead for supporters of the …


Your Employer-Provided Health Care Could End With The GOP’s Plan

March 11, 2017

… mandate. Why would they change just because Republicans remove the requirement? Those who study corporate benefits say that health insurance as an employee perk has been on the decline for years, with companies shifting more of the cost onto workers. This trend could accelerate by removing Obamacares mandate. The underlying cause is that health care costs have been rising. With higher costs come higher insurance premiums. Like most things involving the governments efforts to shape health …


Budget: Don’t be fooled if it turns out to be dull – BBC News

March 4, 2017

… finances of those of working age – particularly a shift in the income tax threshold and the benefit freeze – while others target particular groups of people such as landlords. Image copyright PA That was announced in Mr Hammond’s Autumn Statement, as was mixed news for drivers. Fuel duty will be frozen for a seventh year, but the cost of vehicle insurance may rise owing to an increase in the Insurance Premium Tax from 10% to 12% in June. New Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) bands …


Frail, elderly people ‘left to struggle alone’ – BBC News

February 16, 2017

… have trouble with at least three daily tasks such as washing, dressing and eating 487,400 get help but not enough to cover their needs The charity said this had been caused by cuts to council budgets which had led to a rationing of services. Last year, fewer than half of the people who requested help from councils were given it. Find out the cost of care in your area How your council helps with care average amount of care provided per week, by your council average paid per hour …