Trump Threatened To Let Obamacare ‘Implode.’ That’s One Promise He’s Keeping.

May 24, 2017

… stops reimbursing them. And, ironically, ending the payments would increase total federal spending, because the higher insurance prices would entitle qualified consumers to larger tax credits to defray their monthly premiums, the foundation also found. Congress Politics hurt too much? Sign up for HuffPost Hill, a humorous evening roundup featuring scoops from HuffPosts reporting team and juicy miscellanea from around the web. More From this publisher : HERE Recommended ProductsVideo …


Elizabeth Warren Has A Real Plan To Drain The Swamp In Washington

May 17, 2017

… massive private donations. She also called for ending the revolving door between industry and government jobs and for reforming the regulatory process to limit corporate influence. But it was Warrens detailed indictment of corporate consolidation and proposed crackdown on modern-day trusts that made her remarks truly novel for a senator speaking at an event sponsored by the think tank most closely associated with Democratic Party leadership. When companies control so much market share that …


Here’s what you can do to fight global warming, beyond changing lightbulbs

May 8, 2017

… aware that taking collective action and ending climate silence are more impactful than personal greening, because whereas the latter is linear, the first two are exponential. The exception is when our individual actions send social signals to those around us, creating a knock-on effect (putting solar panels on your roof is contagious, for example). For most of us in America, our most effective individual options for cutting our carbon footprints are: trading in our gas guzzler for a more …


How to protect yourself when live video shows a suicide

May 1, 2017

… lift: #AAS17 The Lifeline (@800273TALK) April 27, 2017 Talking about suicide requires a careful balance of acknowledging how and why it happens while avoiding making it seem inevitable, glamorous, or the best solution to ending one’s pain. That’s why she and other prevention experts were so alarmed by the vivid portrayal of suicide in the Netflix show 13 Reasons Why, in which the main female character meticulously plans her suicide almost as a means of …


Here’s how iconic director John Waters ended up playing iconic director William Castle in ‘Feud’

April 17, 2017

… its resetting the story to get us to the end. So I felt like it was an important episode in terms of everythings sort of in a minor key, its paying off some character moments and its really rearranging the furniture and resetting the stage for the ending. I think it was good that one of the executive producers was there for that one, because its important to reset the table the right way so that we can go out big. Also, I got to direct John Waters, so I was pretty excited about that! Lets talk …