‘I ignored my mum’s death, just like Prince Harry’ – BBC News

April 19, 2017

… turned to the gym and exercise and running. “What also really touched me was that the age at which we dealt with it was the same. “When I got to 28 and 29 I thought ‘I can’t keep going on with this’. It’s the realisation it’s not going to fade. “Now, I’m able to open up and work through my grief. I think it is a maturity thing. “Counselling has brought me to a good place. It’s about finding the right counsellor for you – …


This smart bra can help calm you down when you’re stressed

April 12, 2017

… her favorite exercise off the mat. SEE ALSO: You can now pay for things with your sunglasses because what could go wrong Vitali is a smart wearable equipped with sensors that can measure vital signs like heart rate variability, (HRV) a key indicator of stress. It also has flexible, washable fabric sensors that can monitor your chest’s movements. The device is is particularly noteworthy for a number of reasons. For one, it’s designed specifically for women. It’s also ambitious …


His name was Henry Summers – but who was he? – BBC News

April 9, 2017

Image caption Henry lived in a top-floor flat in Leith They went to the door of his top-floor flat on Easter Road and knocked but got no answer. Image caption Police beat down the door to gain entry to Henry’s flat A few years before that a woman had been found dead in Edinburgh, undiscovered for five years. The media were full of recrimination and finger pointing. I used to work with old people and had seen this before. It’s easy to de-personalise older people. We …


Should exercise be compulsory at work? – BBC News

April 5, 2017

Tech giant Google led the way in office gyms but Homes doesn’t believe a company has to have a gym on site, and says he encouraged staff to exercise even when they were a small start-up. “We made it clear that anyone could block off an hour for exercise during the day, provided it didn’t conflict with meetings and they made up the time (by having lunch at their desks, for instance).” And he believes it’s more than worth it. “I see employees return from …


How to train yourself to become a morning exerciser

April 4, 2017

You plan a workout for the evening, but then something comes up — a happy hour, a deadline for work, or maybe even a Tinder date. And there goes your exercise for the day. If this keeps happening to you, there’s a logical solution: shift your workout schedule to the morning. But … that’s easier said then done. When you’re barely awake and have to choose between working out and staying in bed for another hour, there’s a good chance the snooze button will win. …