11 Morning Rituals You Can Adopt To Become A Happier And More Successful Person

May 29, 2017

… power of your mind and law of attraction to help you get what you want. 5. Exercising Exercise is just plain good for you. It gets your body working, the blood flowing, and gives you more energy. Wake up and do some sort of exercise, whether its a jog around the block, some yoga, stretching, or hitting the gym for an hour. This is more about feeling good than looking good. 6. Reading Reading books and magazines will feed the mind and get your brain working every morning. And, depending on what …


Former Marine who lost his leg in Afghanistan is absolute fitness goals

May 17, 2017

A former Royal Marines Commando who lost his leg in Afghanistan has shared a video of himself working out to show that “you don’t need two legs” to be fit. SEE ALSO: This cancer survivor’s date will make you weep tears of joy In the video, Andy Grant shows how he works out without even going to the gym. “You don’t need fancy gym equipment, you don’t even need two legs,” says Grant. …


We’re all this lady dropping her pizza on the train

May 1, 2017

… @JamesAALongman @chrisdeerin None of the pizza is actually touching the floor IT CAN BE SAVED!!! Toby (@bake_down) April 29, 2017 @JamesAALongman pic.twitter.com/v1Nqwb3CkG Summer Ray (@SummerRay) April 30, 2017 WATCH: This gym is offering group napping classes for tired parents More From this publisher : HERE Recommended ProductsiGloo Monthly Templates (OTO 2) Igloo enables you to create and launch an online business with all the marketing pages you need to convert traffic into …


‘I ignored my mum’s death, just like Prince Harry’ – BBC News

April 19, 2017

… turned to the gym and exercise and running. “What also really touched me was that the age at which we dealt with it was the same. “When I got to 28 and 29 I thought ‘I can’t keep going on with this’. It’s the realisation it’s not going to fade. “Now, I’m able to open up and work through my grief. I think it is a maturity thing. “Counselling has brought me to a good place. It’s about finding the right counsellor for you – …


Should exercise be compulsory at work? – BBC News

April 5, 2017

Tech giant Google led the way in office gyms but Homes doesn’t believe a company has to have a gym on site, and says he encouraged staff to exercise even when they were a small start-up. “We made it clear that anyone could block off an hour for exercise during the day, provided it didn’t conflict with meetings and they made up the time (by having lunch at their desks, for instance).” And he believes it’s more than worth it. “I see employees return from …


Doctor Stretches Green Rubber Band To Show How Easy And Inexpensive It Is To Work Out Anywhere

February 9, 2017

What is the one thing that stops you from working out as often as you’d like? Do you have an injury? Do you travel often? Or is the gym just too expensive for you to pay a monthly fee? Whatever it may be keeping you from getting in all the workouts you’d like, maybe it is time to consider a cheap, easy option! On an episode of Rachael Ray, the TV host had on Dr. Travis Storkfrom The Doctorsto discuss heart health and other options for a healthy life. In the clip below, Dr. Stork …