Trump Administrations Womens Rights Lip Service Turns Irony Up to 11

May 24, 2017

Today, White House press secretary Sean Spicer announced to a room of incredulous reporters that President Donald Trump made womens empowerment a priority during his campaign. But that wasnt even the emptiest gesture the Trump administration made for womens rights today. After civilization collapses and Humans are all but wiped from Earths memory, all that will be left are cockroaches and the echoes of bitter guffaws of feminists who watched this years International Women of Courage Awards. …


Why Humans Love Robots Like People

May 21, 2017

Humans are strange creatures. We sleepwalk, pick our noses, and name our cars. Some of us like black licorice and some of us are afraid of cotton balls. Of all our idiosyncratic tendencies, our attachment to thingsblankets, stuffed animals, toys, vehicles, smartphonesis particularly common and sheds light on how Humans feel about robots, and why. In the movie Her, Theodore Twombly falls in love with Samantha, an artificially intelligent operating system. In Ex Machina, Caleb falls in love with …


How to bring humanity and tech together: Innovators and advocates on hope for the future

May 18, 2017

… Dharmesh Shah Paradoxically, I think machines are going to help us make our relationships with our customers more human. With advances in machine learning, digital assistants will be able to understand customer history and context and handle repetitive tasks much better. This will free Humans to focus more on the relationship instead of rote tasks. Tala CEO & Founder Shivani Siroya Theres a misunderstanding that technology is somehow neutral or unbiased, which is simply …


NBA alum’s podcast aims to give athletes a ‘rematch’ with what the media got wrong

May 14, 2017

… preconceived notions about the Humans behind the highlights and he hopes their stories will help inspire others. “Take Chamique Holdsclaw talking about mental health,” he explains. “From that conversation, we’ve had other athletes and fans express that hearing her has given them courage to come forward about their own mental health and not try to hide it.” WATCH: Never be stuck in traffic again with this badass ride More From this publisher : HERE Recommended …


World Naked Gardening Day is when people get dirty in the name of growing greens

May 7, 2017

… different, with a wide range of gardeners peeling off their clothes and hopping into the middle of flowerbeds, greenhouses, and produce-harboring patches of dirt. And lest anyone mistake the day as an excuse for perviness, the World Naked Gardening Day website makes it clear that this is all about having clean and innocent fun with nature. “Gardening naked is not only a simple joy, it reminds useven if only for those few sunkissed minutesthat we can be honest with who we are as Humans and …


Trump’s big EPA website change should worry you

April 30, 2017

… existence for more than 20 years, explained what climate change is, what caused it and, how it affects your health, among other things. In opposition to what Trump has said in the past about climate change (he doesn’t believe it is man-made), the webpage notes many times how Humans have contributed to climate change. “Research indicates that natural causes do not explain most observed warming, especially warming since the mid-20th century. Rather, it is extremely likely that human …


‘Digital wellness lady’ wants students to unplug or at least look up

April 23, 2017

Put down the phone.Image: bob al-greene/mashalbe Step into the Center for Digital Wellness and you’ll likely hear people chatting and that’s about it. Because that’s what the Wi-Fi disabled room at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, is for re-connecting and interacting with your fellow Humans no screens, gizmos, or gadgets in the way. You might find the center’s founder, Sylvia Frejd, a minister and counselor by training, in the conversation corner with the …


As the seas around them rise, fishermen deny climate change

April 21, 2017

Cameron, Louisiana (CNN)People live and die by the water in southern Louisiana. The water brings food, livelihoods and culture. But it also takes. Rising seas have swallowed more than 1,800 miles of coastline in the last 78 years, according to the United States Geological Survey. That puts residents here at the forefront of areas affected by climate changes. But among four people who spend most of the day outside, whose lives are dependent on the weather, who stare at the same horizon each …


‘Diablo 3’s Necromancer class introduces the best companion ever: The Flesh Golem

April 17, 2017

… Firstborn. Image: mashable The halls and chambers of the temple are filled with pain. Dead and near-dead Humans explode into a pile of dangerous rats and bugs. Iron maidens swing open to reveal disciples bent on your death. Rooms fill with blood as you cut through cultists. Whether these fractures will still exist when the DLC releases is unknown. WATCH: Old-school arcade games have made a comeback at this underground gaming tournament More From this publisher : HERE Recommended …


Japanese scientists want to be first to drill into the Earth’s mantle

April 8, 2017

(CNN)Humans have been to the Moon and explored almost every corner of the planet — but there’s one place they have never been. A group of Japanese scientists said they plan to be the first group to successfully drill into the Earth’s mantle, the planet’s vast molten-rock interior, which lies just beneath the outer crust. Researchers at Japan’s Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC) say they are hoping to discover more about how our planet was …


Sci-fi forest tracks carbon impact – BBC News

April 3, 2017

Carbon locked up The role of plants in taking up CO2 is one of the known unknowns in climatology. CO2 is a plant fertiliser and researchers think that as levels increase the trees will fix more of it into their trunks, roots and organic matter in the earth. But they believe the fertilizing effect will be limited over time by other factors such as lack of nutrients, lack of water and rising temperatures. Humans and forests currently participate in a mutually beneficial exchange in which trees …


Woman Takes Care Of Orphaned Opossum, And Now It Refuses To Be Released Back Into The Wild

April 2, 2017

Kassalias would have had to completely cut off all contact with Opie to make sure he is still releasable, but she chose to commit to keeping the animal forever. Meet Opie, the orphaned opossum who found a loving forever home with Humans “Opie was so sweet he demanded to be held. He climbed up my sleeve” Rescuer would have had to completely cut off all contact with Opie to make sure he is releasable But she chose to commit to keeping the animal …


#BlackWomenAtWork uncovers the everyday racism black women face at work

March 30, 2017

… work place at all levels laid bare for the public to finally see with naked eyes,” Packnett told Mashable. “These women at least deserve respect as Humans, let alone as professionals. They received neither. It is absolutely unacceptable. They deserve the respect that their humanity, their accomplishments, and their work demands.” SEE ALSO: Angry Sean Spicer tells April Ryan, a veteran black female journalist, to “stop shaking” her head This happens to black …


The only way to prove you aren’t a robot is to solve this chess puzzle

March 15, 2017

… themcooked up the puzzle to prove a point: Human brains think differently. (Those who figure out the puzzle can send their answers to Penrose to be entered to win the professor’s latest book.) Humans can look at a problem like this strange chess board configuration, said Tagg, and understand it. What a computer does is brute force calculation, which is different. This is set up, rather exquisitely, to show the difference, he added. They forced the computer out of its comfort zone by, at …


Signs Of Doggy Diabetes That You Should Never, Ever Ignore

March 15, 2017

… is very similar to diabetes in Humans. Many of the symptoms are the same, and just like their owners, dogs with diabetes can either havetype 1 diabetes or develop type 2 over time. If you have a beloved dog who isn’t acting quite the way he used to, it’s a good idea to watch for these symptoms. Also, have avet run exams as soon as possible to help get your pup the treatment he needs! Scroll through to learn how to spot the symptoms of diabetes in dogs. Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons …


Coconut Oil For Dogs: 9 Amazing Health Benefits

March 15, 2017

… coconut oil for dogs is treating the aging brain of your dog. Coconut oil is said to stave off dementia in Humans, so there is no reason why it cant do the same for our dogs. 6. Weight Loss LittleThings / Morgan Swofford Coconut oil contains two unique ingredients that make it an excellent alternative to boost immunity. Lauric acid and caprylic acid contribute to fighting off yeast overgrowth and bacterial infections. They are also antivirals, so adding coconut oil to your …


Why hot chillies might be good for us – BBC News

March 11, 2017

… was to try and protect themselves from being eaten by mammals like you. From an evolutionary perspective the plant would much rather have its seeds dispersed far and wide by birds. Oddly enough birds, unlike mammals, don’t have TRPV1 receptors, so they do not experience any burn. Humans messed things up So producing capsaicin turned out to be the ideal way to deter mammals from eating the plant while encouraging birds to do so. But then along came an ape with a giant frontal cortex who …


Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke Brings Back Lead Ammo In Parks And Refuges

March 3, 2017

… a California Condor Recovery Program biologist. This rare condor nearly died of lead poisoning in 2013. Humans who consume animals killed with lead bullets are also at risk. A 2009 study from researchers at the University of North Dakota School of Medicine documented a health risk from lead exposure to Humans who eat venison. The report found 59 of 100 randomly selected packages of ground venison donated to the Community Action Food Pantry in North Dakota in the fall of 2007 were contaminated …


Biologists Are Figuring Out How Cells Tell Left From Right

February 21, 2017

… detect and correct their own shape fuels Levins belief that self-repair might one day be an option for Humans as well. Under every rock, there is a creature that can repair its complex body all by itself, he points out. If we can figure out how this works, Levin said, it might revolutionize medicine. Many people think Im too optimistic, but I have the engineering view on this: Anything thats not forbidden by the laws of physics is possible. Original story reprinted with permission from Quanta …


Soft toy tiger nurses orphaned cubs back to health

February 17, 2017

New Delhi (CNN)When park rangers in India discovered three orphaned tiger cubs, they knew they had a challenge on their hands. Suspicious of Humans and rejecting bottles, the rangers needed to get creative if they wanted to nurse the protected cubs back to health. India’s tiger population is on the rebound after hitting a low in 2006 of 1,411. India is home to nearly 65% of the world’s tigers which number about 3,890, according to the latest figures from the World Wildlife Fund …


Is Nipple Hair Normal? What You Need To Know About Sprouting Hair On There

February 14, 2017

… nipple hair. What Is Nipple Hair? Laura Caseley for LittleThings Yes, nipple hair is totally normal.Humans are hairy creatures! Most womendon’t have a ton of body hair compared with our male counterparts, but it still crops in a few majorlocations: our underarms, groins, and legs are all sources of body hair. Nipple hairs are also very, very common. According to Cosmopolitan and Dr. Mary Jane Minkin, 30 percent of all women report that they have nipple hair, though …


Grandma With Dementia Cant Remember Husband. Then He Slips Her Hand Into His Shirt

February 9, 2017

… and friends who know exactly how to support the people in their lives with dementia. Oftentimes, dementia takes away memories, but the core personality is still there in some form. It’s beautiful to see an elderly couple fight through the fog of memory loss to bring out that core spark of personality. One spectacular example of this story comes to us via the Humans Of New York Facebook page. They interviewed an elderly man late last year about his wife’s dementia. His beautiful words …