President Obama continues his European tour with Prince Harry

May 29, 2017

President Barack Obama moved on from his picture-perfect vacation in Italy for basically the next-best thing: hanging out with Prince Harry. The president met up with future Mr. Meghan Markle at Kensington Palace in London on Saturday, the palace shared on Twitter and Instagram. Good to see my friend Prince Harry in London to discuss the work of our foundations & offer condolences to victims of the Manchester attack. Barack Obama (@BarackObama) May 27, 2017 The …


Election 2017: What if I can’t afford to pay the rent? – BBC News

May 28, 2017

… boys from Nunhead in south-east London – has an even bigger shortfall in her finances. Her freelance job as a yoga teacher provides her with 640 a month. Yet the rent on her small two-bedroom flat is 1,400. Even with housing benefit of 946 a month, she is still left borrowing 300 a month from her mother, as well as using credit cards. “It’s really stressful. A few days before rent day every month I start to go into a panic,” she says. But the stress is not just because of …


General election 2017: New warning over social care plans – BBC News

May 22, 2017

The Conservatives’ plan would extend this right to those receiving care in their own homes, who would have to pay until they were down to their last 100,000. BBC Election Live: Rolling text and video updates Reality check: Who could social care changes affect? Tory opposition to social care plans But Sir Steve, who is now policy director for pensions specialist Royal London, said Freedom of Information responses showed a wide variation in the number of deferred payment arrangements …


Well, someone is spray painting condoms on graffiti dicks in London

May 21, 2017

… condom artist has been at it since April, with each fluorescent condom accompanied by the URL for Shine, a reproductive health organization in London providing free STI screenings and free condoms through six National Health Service clinics. So far, he’s added about 20 dicks to his portfolio. City Cock 1 #protectcitycocks A post shared by ProtectCityCocks (@protectcitycocks) on Apr 28, 2017 at 4:58am PDT The creative process is basically a graffiti dick scavenger hunt. Wherever …


‘Fat but fit is a big fat myth’ – BBC News

May 17, 2017

In this study, researchers at the University of Birmingham analysed data of millions of British patients between 1995 and 2015 to see if this claim held true. They tracked people who were obese at the start of the study (defined as people with a body mass index of 30 or more) who had no evidence of heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol or diabetes at this point. They found these people who were obese but “metabolically healthy” were at higher risk of developing …


1.2 million adolescents’ deaths mostly preventable, report says

May 16, 2017

(CNN)More than 1.2 million adolescents die every year around the world — an average of 3,000 deaths per day — from causes that are largely preventable, according to a new report from the World Health Organization. The leading cause of deathamong 10- to 19-year-olds globally in 2015 was road injury, which killed more than 115,000 people, followed by lower respiratory infections and self-harm. When separated by age, sex and region, however, the leading causes of death differed …


Ransomware attacks on hospitals could eventually kill someone

May 14, 2017

… Screenshot of apparent ransomware attack message sent to NHS England trusts BBC Breaking News (@BBCBreaking) May 12, 2017 Staff also asked that patients not come in unless they were experiencing an emergency. Some hospital staff couldn’t access patient records, and others had to cancel appointments. The scale of this attack is unusual, but the type of attack is not. It’s happened before to hospitals in London in January, for …


#BoringSelfCare celebrates really mundane, overlooked acts of self-care

May 12, 2017

… SEE ALSO: Teens are increasingly struggling with their emotions and talking about it online Hannah Daisy, a London-based mental health occupational therapist by day, is the illustrator behind the successful series. She shares the drawings under the hashtag #BoringSelfCare, encouraging people living with chronic illnesses, disabilities, and mental illness to celebrate even the most boring acts as vital accomplishments helping them thrive. A post shared by Hannah Daisy (@makedaisychains) …


Temporary tattoos remind you how important it is to care for yourself

May 9, 2017

Image: motivational tattoos A psychology graduate from London has created a series of self-care temporary Band-Aid tattoos to help people living with mental health issues. SEE ALSO: Teen turns leg into Van Gogh painting to cope with self-harm Francesca Timbers was inspired to create the products after dealing with depression and anxiety during her final year of university. Initially, she created the stickers and tattoos to help motivate herself throughout her day. When she posted photos on …


Meet the sex-positive YouTubers giving kids the sex talks they really need

May 8, 2017

… vlogging when he moved to London after two years of travel. YouTube gave him the chance to find a community in a new city. “After being frustrated at the lack of LGBT+ sex education available I decided to start using my platform to talk about it myself,” said Calum. “A sexual health charity reached out to me and asked me to come on-board as a member of their team. Ever since Ive been splitting my time between YouTube and the charity; theyre the best two jobs I could ask for and …


World Naked Gardening Day is when people get dirty in the name of growing greens

May 7, 2017

… as part of this planet,” reads the statement on the front page of the website. And now, thanks to the magic of social media, we can show you just a few of the more glorious sights of humankind communing with nature, just as the universe intended. Trimming my bush on World Naked Gardening Day #worldnakedgardeningday #hedgetrimming #keepyourbushtrimmed #brazilian #sexygardener A post shared by Willz & Tillz – London Gardens (@willzntillz) on May 6, 2017 at 9:28am PDT …


In Hong Kong’s bid for Gay Games, a bid for equality in Asia

May 3, 2017

(CNN)For nine days in the fall of 1998 in Amsterdam, Donald Tsim had never felt more free to express himself. He could walk into any restaurant with his partner, walk on any side of the street, with no problem. Tsim was participating in the fifth Gay Games and was experiencing life outside of the closet for the first time. Growing up in Hong Kong, he hid his sexuality from friends and family. And even though he had lived in London for years, Tsim had never felt comfortable expressing his true …


George Osborne’s priorities as Evening Standard editor – BBC News

May 2, 2017

The first thing any new editor has to do is set out very clearly where he wants to take the organ. Who is it for, where will it sit politically, what key changes is he intent on making, and so on. I can imagine Osborne saying, when he addresses staff after the first edition is sent to the printers, that London is his home city, the place of his birth, and that he wants the Standard to be a paper for London, by Londoners. He might say: “For the past 20 years I’ve been a …


Triple-lock: Call for pensions policy to be revamped – BBC News

April 30, 2017

The Conservatives have not committed to maintaining it. The Labour Party has said it will keep the policy in place through the next parliament. How much does the triple-lock cost? Labour pledges to keep the triple-lock In his report for Royal London, Mr Webb proposed that the government retained the triple-lock for pensioners who retired before 6 April 2016. Those retiring after that date would have their pension increases linked to earnings only. The report said the move would save almost …


Plain tobacco packaging ‘may cut smokers by 300,000 in UK’ – BBC News

April 28, 2017

… research on smoking in Australia after packaging rules were changed. They said the following changes could occur over the next year in the UK: no change in the number of cigarettes smoked by those continuing to smoke a 6% increase in people trying to give up smoking an increase in calls to quit smoking helplines Prof Ann McNeill, lead review author from King’s College London, said there was evidence that standardised packaging made people less likely to be motivated to smoke and reduced …


6 reasons you need to watch this British dating show immediately

April 21, 2017

Looking for love is far from easy. Sometimes it can feel like you’re doing it all wrong. But one British reality dating show is bringing joy, laughter, and even the odd tear, to viewers by showing the more human side to first dates. SEE ALSO: Online dating is a total nightmare for farmers Set in a restaurant in the heart of London, Channel 4’s First Dates allows viewers to eavesdrop on real-life blind dates. Of course, there’s crippling nerves, wardrobe malfunctions, …


Housing problems causing mental illness, says charity – BBC News

April 19, 2017

… highlighted the extent to which housing has an impact on mental health. Housing difficulties can be particularly harsh for people “on the line of coping or not coping. Then, they really do tip over the edge”, said one London GP. A Sheffield GP said parents could become depressed because “they’re unable to provide a nice environment for their children”. “In the children, they tend to get a little bit, sometimes withdrawn, sometimes a bit anxious and …


Prince William says keeping a stiff upper lip can damage health – BBC News

April 18, 2017

… services at children’s mental health charity Place2Be said: “Prince Harry’s willingness to talk so intimately about the impact of the loss of his mother 20 years ago, as well as how he has processed his grief, is a gift from the young royal.” The two princes, along with the Duchess of Cambridge, are promoting the Heads Together mental health campaign, the London Marathon’s charity of the year. A two-part series, Mind Over Marathon, starts on BBC One at 21:00 BST on …


Londoners work ‘100 hours a year more than rest of the UK – BBC News

April 18, 2017

The professor of work and employment at the University of Stirling told the BBC: “Certain industries, such as financial services, typically work longer hours and there’s a high concentration of these in London. “Younger workers are more likely to work longer hours too, especially if living in an expensive area”. @-webkit-keyframes spinnerRotate { from{-webkit-transform:rotate(0deg);} to{-webkit-transform:rotate(360deg);} } @-moz-keyframes spinnerRotate { …


Prince Harry sought counselling after hiding Diana death grief – BBC News

April 17, 2017

Along with his brother and sister-in-law, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, he is promoting the Heads Together mental health campaign, the London Marathon’s charity of the year. Profile: Prince Harry Princes commission Diana statue Speaking to the paper’s Bryony Gordon, Prince Harry said: “I can safely say that losing my mum at the age of 12, and therefore shutting down all of my emotions for the last 20 years, has had a quite serious effect on not only my personal life …


The drink Brits go to bed with and Indians wake up with – BBC News

April 5, 2017

The fact that the same liquid can be perceived in two such different ways is a great example of the “crazy nonsense and beauty of marketing”, says Andrew Welch. As London managing director for brand consultancy Landor, Mr Welch’s job is to help brands build and improve their reputation, and ultimately create higher sales. Image copyright Getty Images Image caption A well-known brand in the West, eBay had to change its tactics to succeed in China But it’s not …


The enduring appeal of Adrian Mole, aged 50 – BBC News

April 2, 2017

… observing the London literary scene of the 1980s (she was employed as a nanny by Kay Wilmers, editor of the London Review of Books, and frequent visitors to the houses included Alan Bennett and Jonathan Miller). “When the first diary came out I was living in London, I was a nanny, and I was around all these very accomplished writers and playwrights, and they were all loving [Mole],” she adds. “I think people can identify with him – the way he worries about things that …


Greek Thomson: Scotland’s other great visionary architect – BBC News

April 2, 2017

Image caption The Caledonia Road Church in the Gorbals was threatened with demolition in 1966 When Glasgow council was planning to demolish one of Thomson’s landmark churches in 1966, influential American architectural historian Henry-Russell Hitchcock made a plea for them to stop. He said: “Glasgow in the last 150 years has had two of the greatest architects in the world.” Image caption The church was described as one of the finest Classical Romantic churches in …


Understanding Japan’s unique ‘scrap and build’ design culture

March 31, 2017

(CNN)Whereas western architectural tradition aspires to permanence — an Englishman’s home is his castle, after all — Japanese architecture is focused on flexibility. A close harmony with the natural world combined with acute awareness of its dangers has cultivated a special approach to building. Sarah Ichioka, a Japanese-American urbanist currently based in Singapore and former director of the Architecture Foundation in London, explains how earthquakes and tsunamis forge a …


Futuristic fragrance: New biotech unlocks scents that have never been sniffed

March 30, 2017

(CNN)Perfumery has always been an intricate science; much more effort goes into capturing a scent than those outside the industry might imagine. Over the last two decades, chemists have used innovative new technology to add an even larger array of scents to the perfumer’s palette, enabling them to create fragrances that have never been smelled before. For thousands of years, scents came directly from nature. Resins were collected from trees and burned as offerings to the gods; aromatic …