Ossoff’s liberalism just wasn’t right for Georgia district

June 21, 2017

… Health and Human Services, and the race had become a proxy for the national political climate and a test of GOP might in the early months of the Trump presidency. Voters were inundated with phone calls and television ads like never before. Growing up in suburban Atlanta as a sports/political-news junkie, I remember “Hammerin’” Hank Aaron hitting number 715 in 1974, Newt Gingrich being sworn in as Congressman in 1979, and CNN launching the first 24-hour news channel in …


It’s Simple: Either Trump Or Comey Is Lying. Who Is More Credible?

June 10, 2017

… wasnt personally under investigation. When it comes to finding out what exactly transpired during those private meetings and phone calls (assuming there are no secret recordings), its Comeys word against Trumps. Who, then, is more credible? There are several key points on which Trump and Comey differ: As Sen. Martin Heinrich (D-N.M.) put it during Thursdays hearing, a lot of this comes down to who we should believe. By most accounts, Comey was well respected within the FBI and has a …


How a Silicon Valley veteran created an app that 400 nonprofits use to help refugees

May 30, 2017

Image: Mashable Composite; RefAid / Trellyz Shelley Taylor calls herself a Silicon Valley veteran. Veteran, she tells me, “means old.” Raised in Palo Alto, Taylor has an extensive tech background. She isn’t an engineer, but she wrote the “bible of user interface” back in 1995 at the dawn of website creation, inventing a lot of the language still used to this day to describe websites and ecommerce. She’s launched a bevy of startups and advised companies like …


10 new features coming to your phone in Android O

… notifications Another small but noticeable way Google is redesigning the look and feel of notifications: Developers will have the ability to enable background colors for notifications from their app. But don’t expect your notifications tray to look extra colorful Google recommends developers “only use this feature in notifications for ongoing tasks which are critical for a user to see at a glance,” like navigation or phone calls. 7. Notification Channels Besides just changing …

May 21, 2017

Apple spotlights how accessible tech helps people with disabilities thrive

… everyday tasks, like making phone calls or using social media. “Before I had the iPhone and iPad, people treated me like I had a disability. They talked about me, not to me.” To prevent this, Meera has pre-written statements plugged into her speech-to-text app to help her introduce herself. She plays some for me with the simple tap of a button. One describes her harrowing time as a toddler on the streets of New Delhi. Another explains all the things she likes to do, like playing …

May 19, 2017