What you should think about while considering a career change to healthcare

May 27, 2017

… fill that role. Additionally, you can make sure that the day-to-day work, job opportunities and work requirements align with what youre looking for in your next career. Speaking to someone who is practicing in the field youre considering will give you a chance to ask questions and get meaningful, practical answers. Image: PIXABAY 3. Save up and explore scholarship opportunities. The choice to go back to school involves important financial planning and decision making. University of Phoenix …


Bella Hadid Confesses The “Crazy” Juice Cleanse She Once Tried

May 25, 2017

… and drink juices. OK, the lemon water and juices I can get on board with, but is that in between a bunch of carbs? Asking for a friend. The supermodel did reveal when she doesnt eat healthy for an extended period of time she [needs] to do a Monday-Wednesday cleanse to be able to flush everything out and detox. I have a few questions about that. What does the three-day cleanse entail? Like, a juice cleanse with no food? Just eating healthy for three days? Or, just three days without alcohol and …


It Doesn’t Sound Like Senate Republicans Are Anywhere Close To A Deal On Obamacare Repeal

May 24, 2017

WASHINGTON It took the House months of infighting and a failed first attempt to ultimately pass a bill torepeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. More than two weeks later, Senate Republicans are nowhere near reaching an agreement on a bill of their own. As scandal after scandal piled up for the Trump administration last week, Republicans were given some cover. Rather than being flooded with questions as they exited multiple meetings about their own disagreements on how to repeal and …


The Canary Girls: The workers the war turned yellow – BBC News

May 20, 2017

… cement the place of munitions workers in war history. The project has already been discussed at Prime Minister’s questions and there are plans to unveil a statue at the National Arboretum in Staffordshire. Related Topics Leeds More From this publisher : HERE Recommended ProductsSerpinatr DFY #Gifzign Mockups Gifzign Mockups – The embed GIF mockups technologyZenNotify – (O)Agency Rights EZ Video Creator – Commercial -Viddyoze Special Create your own amazing videos using our massive …


Axe wants men to rethink masculinity, but can an ad really help?

May 18, 2017

Image: Ambar del moral / mashable Is it OK to be a virgin? Is it OK to experiment with other guys? Is it OK to be the little spoon in bed? These are just some of the questions that men ask themselves and Google when no one is looking, according to a new ad from Axe that aims to help “break the cycle of toxic masculinity.” SEE ALSO: 6 ways to survive bullying and feel good about yourself Don’t spit out your coffee just yet. Yes, this is the same Axe that once relished …


White House struggles to answer GOP questions on Capitol Hill

May 17, 2017

Washington (CNN)As the White House rushed to contain the fallout on Capitol Hill during a head-spinning week of controversies, one senator resorted to mime to describe his reaction. He mimicked a cat, claws out, hanging on for dear life by clinging to a tree. “We’re all just like this,” the senator told CNN, shaking his head. Chaffetz: I’m ready to subpoena for Comey memo Senator: Trump’s request impeachable, if true …


Trump might tap a non-scientist to fill a high-level science job at USDA

May 15, 2017

… scientific consensus that human activity is primarily to blame for global warming as “junk science.” “I dont think theres any substantive information available to me that doesnt raise as many questions as it does answers,” Clovis said in a 2014 interview with Iowa Public Radio. “So I’m a skeptic. The Trump administration’s hostility toward scientists and their research hardly comes as a surprise. Last week, the Environmental Protection Administration …


MashTalk: It’s totally possible to live modern life without Facebook

May 14, 2017

… things including the next version of Windows 10, Cortana skills, Windows Story Remix, Mixed Reality, and a video indexer that can analyze videos and pick out feelings based on what’s being said and the facial expressions of people in the video. It’s wild! As always, don’t forget to leave your questions and comments by tweeting @Mash_Talk with the #MashTalk hashtag. We welcome all feedback. …


Ivanka Trump is not your friend

May 11, 2017

… opportunity to meet with mentees from the Fortune/U.S. State Department Global Womens Mentoring Partnership today! pic.twitter.com/7EXHPi8Sj3 Ivanka Trump (@IvankaTrump) April 27, 2017 When Trump is pressed on questions like these, she dodges, as she did again and again last month in an interview with CBS’ Gayle King. She refuses to talk about her values beyond generic, agreeable platitudes. For someone who loves leadership advice, Trump appears to have no interest in being held …


Meet the sex-positive YouTubers giving kids the sex talks they really need

May 8, 2017

These sex-positive YouTubers are breaking taboos.Image: Riyadh K/Hannah witton/grace f victory When mum and dad’s “bird and the bees” talk causes you to have more questions than answers and when your school sex education classes don’t seem to cover all the bases, who can you turn to? SEE ALSO: 13 feminists who play the Twitter game to win Adolescents are increasingly turning to the internet to fill in the gaps. While it’s a great resource, it can be difficult to …


Archbishops of Canterbury and York voice election concerns – BBC News

May 6, 2017

The letter says the election “is being contested against the backdrop of deep and profound questions of identity. “Opportunities to renew and re-imagine our shared values as a country and a United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland only come around every few generations… “If our shared British values are to carry the weight of where we now stand and the challenges ahead of us, they must have at their core, cohesion, courage and stability.” …


Climate change expected to make turbulence stronger and more frequent

May 4, 2017

… comments with CNN Weather on Facebook and Twitter. But don’t cancel your post-2050 flight travels just yet, according to Furtado, “there are some questions as to the robustness of the poleward/strengthening jet stream findings” in some of the latest climate model runs. Furtado told CNN “the conclusion of a poleward and strengthening jet stream might vary regionally and seasonally,” and is “something climate scientists need to study and understand …


The first 100 days in LGBT rights

April 29, 2017

… Human Services eliminated questions about about sexual orientation and gender identity in proposed versions of two critical health-care surveys addressing the needs of the elderly and the disabled. Advocates said their inclusion in surveys helps assess needs within the LGBT community and collect data to support policy changes. April 14: After North Carolina repealed and replaced its so-called bathroom bill with another measure that prevents cities from passing anti-discrimination ordinances, the …


Plain tobacco packaging ‘may cut smokers by 300,000 in UK’ – BBC News

April 28, 2017

… the Tobacco Manufacturers’ Association said: “This report destroys the rationale for the introduction of plain packaging by finding no evidence that it actually acts a deterrent to young people in taking up smoking – this was at the core of the government’s and health campaigners’ argument for its introduction. He added: “It also questions the Australian government’s assessment of its effectiveness, noting that the quality of the evidence is low and …


Indian ad with transgender mom stirs debate — and tears

April 20, 2017

New Delhi (CNN)An advert challenging the norms of a traditional family in India has gone viral, with more than 9 million views on YouTube. The ad’s storyline pushes the issue of transgender rights within the country and reveals the human side of the issue in just three and a half minutes. Released online on March 31, the commercial by medicine company Vicks tells the true story of Gayatri, a young Indian orphan who was adopted by Gauri Sawant, a 37-year-old Mumbai-based transgender woman …


New Study Suggests U.S. Has A Lot Of ‘Closet’ Atheists

April 19, 2017

But the percentage may actually be much higher, because the stigma surrounding disbelief in God likely prevents people from honestly answering pollsters questions about their beliefs, according to a newreport by University of Kentucky psychologists Will Gervais and Maxine Najle. Gervais and Najles report, to be published in the next issue of the journalSocial Psychological and Personality Science, concluded the true number of American atheists may be as high as 26 percent of the population. …


Salt Bae sprinkling his vote is the only good thing to come out of Turkey referendum

April 17, 2017

… bet. The 18 additional constitutional amendments will eliminate the position of prime minister, give Erdogan more power over the judiciary, and allow him to run for at least two more five-year terms. He’s been criticized around the world for increasingly cracking down on journalists and political opponents in recent years. (Yes, there are serious questions about the legitimacy of the election results. The opposition party is calling for a recount for around a third of the votes.) So, as …


6 ways to keep your Easter eggs on trend this year

April 15, 2017

… Styles, brussels sprouts are the new kale, and we have no choice but to believe him. Brussels sprouts also look like fun little pompoms, which are also trendy. The natural conclusion here is to glue a bunch of Brussels sprout pieces to an Easter egg. Everyone will ask questions about this egg: “Why did you do that” and “Shouldn’t you put those vegetables in the fridge,” for example. This means you have done a good job. 6. The “no-makeup look” egg …


At raucous town hall, GOP congressman confronts anger about Trump

April 13, 2017

Aurora, Colorado (CNN)Republican Rep. Mike Coffman faced angry constituents at a town hall Wednesday night, in an early sign of the political price he and his colleagues might pay for supporting President Donald Trump’s policies, including the repeal of Obamacare. A moderate hailing from a swing district, Coffman fielded more than 40 questions from Coloradans for almost two hours. Health care overwhelmingly dominated the at times raucous evening, as the congressman’s constituents …


An app that wants to help you make friends, not friends with benefits

April 9, 2017

… people for random reasons. Your profile is private (you fill it in by answering a series of game-like questions), and you’re matched into tribes using an algorithm that relies on more than 150 factors that encompass things like personality, lifestyle, and beliefs. You can leave a tribe at any time for any reason, and for now you can basically join as many as you’d like. Over time, the algorithm will use machine learning to optimize itself into making better and better matches. …


Hospital parking ‘unreasonably stressful’, says RAC – BBC News

April 7, 2017

The RAC asked all 206 hospital trusts in England questions under a freedom of information request in 2016. More than 160 responded and the majority – 125 – charged for car parking. NHS hospitals break parking fees record Parking fees rise at ‘third of hospitals’ Forty trusts said they do not allow drivers to pay for parking when they exit the car park – leaving people to guess how long they would need to be in hospital and making some rush back to their car …


CNN 10 – April 7, 2017

April 7, 2017

… questions we get, what’s the difference between a watch and a warning? Well, just for comparison’s sake, let’s take the stop light, green light, yellow light, red light. Sometimes, the National Weather Service will issue a hazardous weather outlook and advisory. Treat that as a green light. Know that the possibility of rough weather is there, but go about your day as you would, just stay alert. But as conditions tend to ripen, you may see a tornado watch issued by the …


Patrick Stewart says he’s ‘absolutely’ interested in a Professor X cameo in ‘Legion’

April 2, 2017

Will David find his famous father in 'Legion' Season 2?Image: Michelle Faye Have you wrapped your head around that epic Legion finale? Did you walk away feeling as mentally empowered as David Haller, or was it crazy-making enough to have you ready to check into an asylum? Either way, star Dan Stevens and showrunner Noah Hawley are satisfied with the results, even if the finale’s surprising mid-credits sequence might leave you with more questions than answers heading into Season …