‘Dear Evan Hansen’ Was Basically The ‘Hamilton’ Of The Tonys This Year

June 12, 2017

Dear Evan Hansen was awarded Best Musical at the Producer Stacey Mindich accepted the honor, highlighting in her speech the shows central theme about wanting to belong.The cast including breakout star and newly minted Tony winner Ben Platt also performed the musicals central number, Waving Through a Window. It wasnt the total award sweep ofHamilton: An American Musical, which picked up 11 awardsin the 2016 ceremony, but Dear Evan Hanson nabbed six awards by the end of the night the most …


Election 2017 poll tracker: How the parties compare – BBC News

June 7, 2017

… Public also published a poll on Wednesday with a slightly increased Conservative lead compared to their previous poll. They now have the Conservatives on 43% and Labour on 33%. Its not the only company which still shows a large gap. In fact, it’s more than 10% according to ICM and ComRes. The main reason for this disparity is the different ways that the pollsters estimate turnout. Polling companies are sometimes accused of “herding” – manipulating their figures so they …


iOS 11 is here and it’s packed with tons of new features

June 7, 2017

… million paid subscribers. New on iOS 11 is a “Friends Are Listening To” feature that shows you guessed it what your buddies are listening to. Image: apple A new MusicKit will let developers plug their own apps and tap into all of Apple Music’s features. Some apps that are already using new MusicKit #WWDC2017 pic.twitter.com/VarJRiIg3U Karissa Bell (@karissabe) June 5, 2017 With the App Store at 9 years old and over 180 million apps downloaded, Apple’s …


Apple WWDC 2017: iOS takes center stage

June 4, 2017

… might even use WWDC to reveal Apples content strategy, especially as it impacts how we view the iTunes store on the iPhone. Right now, we have the Apple TV app, which is a boiled down Apple TV device interface with TV shows, movies, streaming partners, and TV apps, iTunes Store (which includes Music, TV, and Movies), and then Apple Music (which is all music). WWDC 2017 would be a good time to both consolidate this mess and plow a new road with fresh, Apple originals. The heart of your desktop …


Fans of its diversity are pissed ‘Sense8’ was canned during Pride Month

June 3, 2017

… disappointment known on Twitter. First day of pride month, I know let’s cancel one of the most diverse shows on right now #sense8 pic.twitter.com/aDVGXmAXxi Kayla (@kaylala_04) June 1, 2017 Raise your hand if you feel personally victimized that @netflix cancelled #sense8 on the first day of #PrideMonth2017 pic.twitter.com/hHxm031Jn0 Jon Vaughn (@TheJonVaughn) June 1, 2017 netflix is supposed to be a platform for shows that celebrate diversity but not if y’all keep …


9 Ways To Prevent A Hangover So You Might Actually Get Sh*t Done This Weekend

… accept that offer to do a keg stand with Champagne. 3. Eat Dinner (A Real One) Eating a legit dinner before you go out seems counterintuitive to me. Why would you eat a bunch of food when itll just soak up the alcohol and make it harder to get drunk? Plus, even clear liquors have calories, so youll just feel fat. Research shows that food slows the absorption of alcohol, so its true that you wont get drunk as quickly as you would if you skipped dinner. But getting drunk slower also means you …

May 22, 2017

This radical video by Shonda Rhimes and Dove is what unapologetic body positivity is all about

… The series spotlights real women redefining beauty and Meredith is no doubt doing just that through her brainchild Fat Girls Dance. SEE ALSO: Plus-size women are using exercise as activism, and it’s glorious The video racked up over 1.5 million views in less than two days, exposing countless people across social media to Meredith’s story of self-acceptance. A shortened version of the video also appeared as an ad during the season finales of Rhime’s shows Scandal and …

May 21, 2017

Fentanyl seized by law enforcement doubled in 2016, DEA says

(CNN)The United States is seeing a dramatic increase in drugs containing fentanyl, newly released data from the Drug Enforcement Administration shows. From 2015 to 2016, more than twice as many drugs seized by law enforcement agencies and submitted to labs have tested positive for fentanyl, in what appears to be an escalating trend. The National Forensic Laboratory Information System (NFLIS), a program of the DEA, points to a drastic surge of lab submissions that tested positive for fentanyl …

May 20, 2017

‘Sesame Street’ is expanding the neighborhood with new theme park

… world,” Dunn explains. “We look for partnerships that can assist us in multiple areas. So with theme parks, they first increase engagement and entertainment, but theyll also provide a contribution to help our mission work all over the world.” The new Sesame Place featuring preschooler-friendly rides, water slides, live shows, parades, and human-sized Muppets will open by mid-2021 in to-be-determined U.S. location. BONUS: Simply Delicious Thoughts About Food With Cookie Monster …

May 19, 2017

Former Marine who lost his leg in Afghanistan is absolute fitness goals

A former Royal Marines Commando who lost his leg in Afghanistan has shared a video of himself working out to show that “you don’t need two legs” to be fit. SEE ALSO: This cancer survivor’s date will make you weep tears of joy In the video, Andy Grant shows how he works out without even going to the gym. “You don’t need fancy gym equipment, you don’t even need two legs,” says Grant. …

May 17, 2017

NYCxDesign: Why all-female shows are popping up all over New York

New York (CNN)On the tails of Milan’s massive design week in April, New York City’s citywide festival of design, NYCxDesign — which runs through May 24 — kicked off with a spate of shows giving voice to female talent in an industry that remains notoriously male-dominated. “I feel like this is happening a lot now. People are organizing themselves everywhere,” said Hilda Hellstrm, a sculptor and co-founder of Den Nya Kvinnogruppen (The New Women’s …

May 16, 2017