17 Things To Do On MDW That Have Nothing To Do With Getting Drunk

May 26, 2017

… kids, that is) there, but who really gives a sh*t? Giphy 10. Go for a hike, and be sure to pack a blanket and some food so you can treat yourself to a little picnic once you reach your destination. 11. Reorganize your closet. With summer just around the corner, the timing literally couldnt be better. Pro tip: Take a cue from author and organizing consultant Marie Kondo, who advises people to discard anything that doesnt spark joy. 12. Invite your friends out for karaoke. Sure, they might hit …


Meet the sex-positive YouTubers giving kids the sex talks they really need

May 8, 2017

… well as from different gender and sexuality perspectives. Image: Youtube/Hannah Witton My channel is… about sex ed, feminism and culture. My hero is… Caitlin Moran. My one sex-ed pro tip is…Don’t judge people just because they’re into different things than you. My sex related no-no is… not communicating. It’s important for me to talk about sex because… relationships and people are so important and a big part of that is sex. And not just …


Housing problems causing mental illness, says charity – BBC News

April 19, 2017

… highlighted the extent to which housing has an impact on mental health. Housing difficulties can be particularly harsh for people “on the line of coping or not coping. Then, they really do tip over the edge”, said one London GP. A Sheffield GP said parents could become depressed because “they’re unable to provide a nice environment for their children”. “In the children, they tend to get a little bit, sometimes withdrawn, sometimes a bit anxious and …


Taiwan by bike: How to cycle around the island in 12 days

March 29, 2017

… tougher eastern coast. Before passing through Kaohsiung city, the western path offers a peek into Taiwan’s rural corners. Bikers ride by emerald-hued rice paddies and ocean-facing Taoist temples dedicated to the sea-god Matsu. Approaching Taiwan’s southernmost tip, there’s a dedicated bike hotel by the dune-backed beaches of Kenting National Park. Yoho Bike Hotel was the first of its kind to debut in Asia, opening in 2009 — there’s even a quirky bike spa where …


15 of the world’s best bungee jumps

March 22, 2017

… off a crane docked on the tip of a dam? 160 meters: The Last Resort, Bhote Kosi River, Nepal Be brave, and bungee. It may be called the Last Resort but it surely won’t be the last time you want to jump from Nepal’s longest suspension bridge. A plunge towards this scary tropical gorge will also give you an incredible (and upside down) view of the Bhote Kosi River. 152 meters: Ponte Colossus (Veglio-Pistolesa Bridge), Biella, Italy People often like to try out a second jump at …


Police: Hunt continues for armed teacher who kidnapped student

March 20, 2017

(CNN)Six days without a credible tip — that’s how long authorities have been digging for answers in the alleged abduction of a 15-year-old by a teacher at her Culleoka, Tennessee, high school. A lawyer for Elizabeth Thomas’ father said the teen’s alleged abductor is armed, dangerous and “obviously a man who is not in control of his faculties.” On Saturday, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation updated its Amber Alert explaining how little has turned up …


How We Have Ruined The True Definition Of Love By Having Too Many Expectations

February 26, 2017

I’ve been hearing a lot about ‘almost love’.The ‘almost perfect’, ‘almost in a relationship’, ‘almost what I want’, ‘the tip of the tongue’ kind of love. People say, “.Wow, that seems like a lot of pressure, doesn’t it? When did checking off boxes becomes the key to lasting love? I can’t help but think that that creates a relationship that is doomed to be encapsulated by fear and insecurities. The idea of …