This couple met through a dating app for marijuana users

April 20, 2017

… PTSD) or individuals who are looking for people to meet and share experiences on the medicinal side,” Roberts said. Roberts said there is substance to the cannabis community that may be misunderstood. One of the first user profiles established was from a woman who had terminal cancer, who turned to cannabis for pain relief, he said. The womanwanted to share her experiences from dealing with her illness and offer others suggestions on the medicinal benefits of the drug. “That’s …


Vending machines dispensing clean needles are coming to Las Vegas

April 15, 2017

… offer such a service. SEE ALSO: Rejoice: champagne vending machines are finally here The machines will soon pop up around Las Vegas, but anyone who wants to use them will first have to register to get a card they can swipe, according to theLas Vegas Review-Journal. The cards will have an ID number that allows each user to get up to two packs of needles per week, but those who want to register won’t have to give up personal information to do so. The machines will dole out packages of 10 …


Google’s Mars data center and weather control system are just a couple of its best April Fools’ Day pranks

April 2, 2017

… bubble wrap), allows the user to simultaneously enjoy the feeling of popping those tiny plastic bubbles included in packing materials while typing out a message. Once the message has been popped out, a Puchi Puchi reader rolls over the popped material to decipher the message. Yes, this is stupid. But for some reason, I actually want this. They even added a special version of the Puchi Puchi Keyboard that releases pleasant fragrances when you pop the bubbles, including air from places like …


#DisabledAndCute hashtag demolishes misconceptions about people with disabilities

February 18, 2017

… disabilities. SEE ALSO: 14 empowering hashtags for people to celebrate their disabilities online Twitter user Keah Brown, who lives with cerebral palsy, created the tag this week to show appreciation for her community, and push against the idea that people with disabilities can’t be stunning. “Share your favorite pictures too using #DisabledAndCute,” Brown wrote in a tweet announcing the hashtag. “We’re honestly cute as hell, so I hope #DisabledAndCute becomes a …


App wants to help moms make new friends without all the awkwardness

February 11, 2017

… dynamics. The algorithm serves up matches based on data contained in a user’s Facebook profile, including a woman’s location, education and profession. She also chooses three “badges” from a collection of tongue-in-cheek icons. A user can describe herself as a “dance machine,” “hot mess,” “spiritual gangster,” “adrenaline junkie” and “city gal.” Additionally, she can indicate whether she’s a “single …