Trump’s online fans are ditching him after missile strike in Syria

Trump's intervention has fiercely divided supporters.
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Dont look now, but there seem to be some serious cracks appearing in Trumps most ardent support on the internet.

On Reddit and 4chan Friday, all the talk has been of the presidents recent intervention in Syria, and some of his most die hard fans are not best pleased.

The president ordered a missile strike on a Syrian airfield Thursday night in retaliation for a chemical weapons attack perpetrated by the Syrian government that left dozens of people dead. And his actions have seriously divided his supporters.

Trump has long railed against the idea of any kind of intervention in Syria, and many of his nationalist supporters jumped onto his campaign wagon because they believed he was an isolationist, someone who would focus his energies on their preferred anti-immigration policies rather than become involved in another war in the Middle East.

So when that assumption proved incorrect, some of his most prominent supporters bailed or at least balked.

Peruse pro-Trump channels on Reddit and 4chan and you’ll find a digital field marred with infighting. Some insist Trump duped his supporters by launching a strike in the Middle East, asking, “Why did he betray us?”

“Being a man of principles, I did not support Trump as much as I supported what he stood for, so when I saw him flip-flop on Syria I was quick to disavow him,” wrote one 4chan user.

Others on 4chan blasted anyone criticizing Trump over the strike. “You’re willing to forget all those hours and days we meme’d Trump into the presidency, all those times we fought against the mainstream media who were ALL against Trump and give him 1% chance of winning, all those nerve-wracking moments during election night, that magical feeling the morning after where you knew we were in the right timeline, we were finally beginning to change the narrative?,” wrote another.

Some just wanted to see how the aftermath of the airstrike played out. “He bombed Syria, 1 f*ck up. Let’s give him some time,” one user wrote.

And a third group are seemingly happy to support the action, asking why others care if missiles are exploding in Syria. On Reddit, the titles of several threads poke fun at anyone who is now skeptical of Trump:

In case you didn’t notice. The #RussiaInvestigation just died.”

Mark Dice on Twitter: When Obama launched air strikes into Syria did it get this kind of nonstop coverage? Oh, you forgot he did that. Well, there’s your answer.

But on Twitter, furious tweets came thick and fast after the intervention, many from prominent former supporters.

White nationalist Trump supporter Andrew Anglin wrote on his website that he’d been up all night crying and drinking and slamming his fist into the wall.

Self-help author and noted conspiracy theorist Mike Cernovich, meanwhile, has constructed something of a media empire around his support for Trump and lambasting of what he believes to be “mainstream media.”

However, he is so opposed to the strike in Syria that he tried to put the blame for the chemical attack on the U.S. “deep state,” a common reference to intelligence officials some believe are the ones truly controlling the U.S. government. The hashtag was #SyriaHoax.

The conspiracy theorist site Infowars also wrote that the chemical attack was a left-wing conspiracy, and the outlet both bashes and praises media in a baseless defense of this claim.

Some, however, have praised Trump for ordering the strike, including prominent supporter Bill Mitchell.

From nationalists to isolationists to those who will generally back Trump because he’s Trump, all kinds of supporters are watching the intervention in Syria carefully. This strike has made a divide much more apparent.

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