5 Facts You Need To Know Before Committing To Pool Sex

Its summer so naturally large bodies of waterbe they natural or man-made, pool or oceanare dotting our summer outings. But like, what if you and your boyfriend/girlfriend/fuckbuddy feel the need to get freaky? Is it safe? Will you get some kind of flesh eating bacteria? We did the dirty work (like, literally and not so literally) of looking to find the answers for you across the interwebs (and my phone probably has a virus from that video I accidentally watched). So before you, uh, get wet (SORRY) this summer, read our tips about pool sex for a healthy, safe, and hopefully fun time.

1. You Will Need Lube

Alright now that were all uncomfortable, lets dive right into this shit. It may seem stupid, but being in or underwater can actually reduce your bodys natural lubrication system which makes sex, er, not awesome. Try a silicon-based lube to avoid chafing. Obviously any water-based lube isnt going to work as itll wash off. And speaking of which…

2. You Can Still Get STDs

Im not sure what idiot would think you CANT get an STD once you add water, but, surprise, you can. If you dont use lube, your chances of STDs and STIs goes up, since the chances of (Im really sorry this is gross) tears to your vaginal or anal wall are much greater. Yeah, I threw the anal in there for you freaks out there. Kisses. Just a noteif youre planning on using a condom in the water (hooray for safe sex) it needs to be put on OUT of the water and taken off out of the water as well.

3. Don’t Trip

if youve ever had shower sex, you know that firm footing is imperative. Same goes for your hot tub or pool endeavor. Make sure you and your special water-time friend have firm footholds before all the lunging, pushing, shoving, wtf-ever. Obviously, when it comes to a pool, the shallow end is going to be the best spot for this. Take cover, children.

4. Infections Abound

Hey its everyones fav part of sexinfections! Unfortunately, having sex in ANY body of water (pool, hot tub, ocean, lake) puts you at risk for some super gross infections including our favsyeastys and UTIs. So like, just know that going in. Maybe just try some foreplay in the pool, and take the dirty dirty inside where its clean and drylike a kitchen counter!

5. Don’t Break The Law

Soooo if you werent aware, sex in any form in public is super illegal. So, keep the underwater banging to your own backyard, the pool of a frenemy, or the hot tub of his ex. Teehee!

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