Camera Catches Young Giraffe Chasing After A Ball Zoopkeepers Tossed In His Enclosure

There is nothing better than when you visit the zoo and get to see the animals having the time of their lives.

At the Reid Park Zoo, one giraffe got to enjoy himself when he was given a giant ball.

In an effort to provide enrichment for the giraffe, they gave this young one a ball. Giraffes spend 22 hours a day on their feet, so now this cute guy gets a chance to stretch his legs.

Providing enrichment offers our animals opportunities to display a wide array of natural behaviors, said zoo keeper Jackie ODonnell. This enrichment, while not naturally found in their environment, stimulate those same behaviors and is a blast to watch!

The zookeepers watch the giraffes to determine what type of enrichment will stimulate them the most and it was decided something to help them move on their legs the best. Don’t you think this is the perfect way to entertain the animals?

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Video Credit: Reid Park Zoo

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