College LGBT Leader Shot And Killed By Campus Police

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This just makes us sick to our stomachs.

You’re telling us these FOUR cops couldn’t take down one student without resorting to lethal force??

Obviously Scout was troubled. But this seems like the type of thing that could have been de-escalated if these police had any crisis training whatsoever!

Chris Stewart, lawyer for Scout’s parents, agrees nonlethal force should have been used:

Lynne Schultz says most of Scout’s stress came from school, not from isolated over their identification as gender non-binary:

“Scout was always a perfectionist. They always worried he was going to fail a test but got all A’s and only two B’s at Tech.”

Scout was the president of the Pride Alliance at Georgia Tech; they were known as a strong leader.

This sounds like a troubled person. It just does not sound to us like a dangerous one, at least not one that had to be gunned down.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is looking into the shooting.

There will be a vigil for Scout at 8 p.m. EST tonight. You can find out more about that (below):

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