Cop Catches Dog Digging Through Trash, Then Looks In Her Mouth And Spots A Puppy

Normally when we see dogs digging through garbage, we assume they’re hungry or curious. Dogs love rummaging through trash to find discarded human food it’s like a fun little treat!

So when a police officer in Novo Horizonte, Brazil, noticed his neighbor’s dog, Julie, going through the trash, he didn’t think anything of it. He left home, but when he returned later, he saw that Julie was still there this time with something in her mouth.

At first, the officer thought that Julie had found a dead cat, but upon closer inspection, he realized it was a newborn puppy.

Sometimes, cruel people leave their animals out with the trash hoping to get rid of them, like this poor dog named Jenny.

The puppy had apparently been thrown out in the trash and left to die, but Julie somehow found the sweet little guy and refused to leave his side.

Once the officer realized what he was dealing with, he contacted a local animal rescuer, Marco Antonio Rodrigues. It’s always good when police officers find dogs in these situations, because they’re great at figuring out what to do next like this officer who found a bag of puppies in a dumpster.

Although Julie had saved the puppy from certain death, she wasn’t able to provide milk or care for the baby pup.

Luckily, Marco knew he had to find a surrogate mom for the puppy.

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When the officer tried to take the puppy from Julie, she started whining she didn’t want to leave him.

The officer understood that Julie was worried about the puppy’s well being, so he brought Julie along to watch over the puppy.


Marco realized that the puppy needed milk as soon as possible, so he reached out on Facebook to find any people with dogs who were nursing.

He posted in two different languages, urgently searching for any mama dog who could take care of the puppy.


Luckily, someone came forward with their dog, Lupi, who was able to provide milk for the puppy.

Lupi was also nursing her own puppies, so she took in the abandoned puppy without a second thought.


Once the pup was in good hands, Julie felt comfortable leaving. The puppy is being nursed back to health by Lupi, who treats him likeher own child.

Now, Lupi is acting as the puppy’s surrogate mother, making sure he gets bigger and stronger every day.


The puppy, whom they named Chaplin, will be ready for adoption soon, once he is weaned from Lupi.

And who knows, maybe the officer who found Chaplin will need a companion. That would really make the whole story come full circle!


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