Detoxify Your Body – Smoothie Recipe – Vegan – Jiu Jitsu Food




Detoxify Your Body – Smoothie Recipe – Vegan – Jiu Jitsu Food

Weight Loss Diet – How To Make A Healthy Smoothie – Vegan – Jiu Jitsu Food

This recipe is very quick and easy, 12 minutes max!

Your host is Christopher Charalambous, a Valente Brothers Purple Belt training and teaching in Sheffield, England United Kingdom.

Health Benefits Of Figs:

– Prevent Constipation = 5 grams of fiber in every three-fig serving.

– Lower Cholesterol Levels = Figs contain pectin, it mops up excess clumps of cholesterol and carries them to the excretory system to be eliminated from the body.

– Strengthen Bones = Figs are rich in calcium, which is one of the most important components in strengthening bones.

Health Benefits Of Papaya:

– Better Digestive Health = Papayas are commonly used to aid digestion. The presence of papain, a digestive super enzyme, improves digestion by breaking down proteins and also cleanses the digestive tract.

– Improves Immunity = Papaya consumption has also been linked to improvement in the immunity system of the body. Research conducted by Hiramoto, Imao, Sato, Inoue, and Mori from Japan is a proof that the antioxidants present in papaya play an important role in improving the immunity system of people.

Health Benefits of Sprite Melons:

– Maintains Healthy Skin = One of the amazing benefits of melon is that it contains collagen which maintains the integrity of the cell structure in all connective tissues including skin. It also speeds up wound healing and maintains skin firmness. Regular consumption of melon is beneficial for those who have rough and dry skin.

Come train with him if you are interested in learning Jiu-Jitsu for self-defence & the lifestyle!

This recipe is compatible with the Gr***e Diet (The Rational Nutritional Regimen) & Vegan requirements, Here are the ingredients:

– 8 to 12 Figs
– A sprite Melon
– Half of a Large Papaya

Add Honey if you would like a sweeter taste!

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