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If you are reading this, it should mean that you have taken my 7 step training, you are currently building a business, and you want to learn how to take your business to the next level.

Letʼs review the basics:

1) choose a profitable niche
2) build a list of subscribers
3) create products to sell them based on their needs
4) create more products to sell them

Good so far? I know that sounds simple. And I know itʼs hard work. Because Iʼve done it. Iʼve personally created dozens of products over the last few years. But itʼs been worth it, because I write emails, create products, and write sales letters for a living. And I like doing it. And, yes, it is a very simple concept. And itʼs easy. But donʼt confuse simple and easy with “doesnʼt take any time” or “27 minutes a day” like some others might like you to believe. So where does the real money come in? Letʼs look at the parts of this.

Once you have chosen your niche, there are about 3 moving parts:

1) Traffic that become subscribers
2) Subscribers who get emails from you
3) Product Sales

So to do these steps – you have to drive traffic, write emails that connect, and create products that sell (and write sales letters to sell them) But there is one more thing that is critical – and that is that you have to know what works and what doesnʼt. For everything. Meaning if you are buying traffic, you have to know, does it convert or not. If not, donʼt buy that traffic again, buy a different traffic source next time. If a traffic source converts, buy more of it. You must master getting profitable traffic to your site, or nothing else matters.

If you have the best products and the best sales letter, but no traffic, or bad traffic that never buys – you have nothing. But for all the hoopla out there….it is quite simple: If a traffic source does not convert, donʼt buy that traffic again, buy a different traffic source next time. If a traffic source converts, buy more of it. So what does it have to convert to? If you are building a list with the traffic, it must convert to subscribers. And over time those subscribers must buy.

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