How To Get Healthy Again When You’ve Been Eating Chips All Summer

So youve abandoned your summer health kick and you’re pretty pissed about it TBH. At the beginning of the summer, you were all about your daily workouts, your classes, and your whole foods diet, but somewhere along the way, you started replacing your Kombucha drinks and your barre classes with Tequila and leftover Fourth of July fries, and lets just say- shit hit the fan. If youve gained a few pounds over the past month or two and youre looking to get back on track, its not too late. You still have a full month of summer left to put down the fucking hot dog and feel amazing in your bathing suit, so heres how to get back on track:

1. Book Your Workouts

At this point, your motivation to get to the gym is probably below zero, so booking nonrefundable workouts is an alternative that will guarantee youll get your workout in. I mean, theres no way youre snoozing your alarm when you have a 7am SoulCycle class that you spent $34 on. Booking expensive workouts are literally the best way to force yourself to get there because you cant not go. Its a perfect time to get over your fear of commitment.

2. Cancel Happy Hour

Sorry to ruin your social life, but stop being dramatic and cancel happy hour tonight. Youve had all summer to black out before 7pm and finish off the complimentary chips and guac mid-table, so you can spare a few nights to get home early, eat a healthy dinner, and maybe even work out. Your pitcher of sangria will still be on the menu after you get back on track, but right now, you need to chill with the excessive alc and everything else that comes along with it.

3. Stock Up on Healthy Shit

Youre can’t take any chances of cheating on your diet, so your pantry and fridge need to be fully stocked with the necessary ingredients. Eating out is never actually healthy, so its time to start cooking or at least having healthy snacks around. Go out and buy yourself all the staples of a healthy kitchen: veggies, eggs, nuts, berries, whole grainsyou get it. When youre hungry after dinner and need a snack before bed, you dont want to resort to an entire sleeve of BBQ Pringles just because thats the only thing you have in your kitchen.

4. Drink Water

Youve probably noticed that water is a recurring theme in the world of health, and thats because its KEY. Drinking water throughout the day keeps you full and keeps your digestive system in check, so just keep chugging until someone thinks you have a problem. You might feel a little bloated on the first day if your bodys not used to having so much water in it, but then youll pee it all out and be skinny again, so everyone wins.

5. Get a Friend Involved

Chances are if you fell off the health wagon, you probably have friends that did also. I mean, its not like you were in the Hamptons alone last weekend eating lobster rolls and onion rings. Your friends were by your side, so you guys are in this together. Convince a friend to work out with you or cook a healthy dinner together. Youll keep each other in check, and you wont fuck up because youre telling someone else what youre up to.

6. Eat Foods with Fiber

There are a million diets out there that will tell you the best thing for losing weight is low-carb, or high-fat, or gluten-free, or vegan, or dairy-free, or basically anything. I mean, people eat clay for gods sake. The one thing all nutritionists and dieticians agree on is fiber. Its good for you. Foods with fiber are absorbed slower in your body, which keeps your blood glucose levels from rising too fast, so youre full for longer. Stock up on foods like whole grains, brussels sprouts, beans, berries, and lentils.

7. Dont Be Dramatic

You might be in panic mode when you realize your jeans arent fitting like they did a month or two ago, but its not the time to panic and literally starve yourself to death. Youll get back in shape once you start making small healthy changes, so dont make yourself miserable trying to lose a few pounds. Juice cleanses and extreme diets only make you lose weight for about a week or two, and then you start eating normally again and end up gaining more weight than you did in the first place. Sloooow and steady.

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