Learn how to become a better photographer with the help of these online courses

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Shooting great photos can be hard, but it doesnt have to be reserved for the Insta-famous Gray Malins of the world. You too could learn to take photos that will have people oohing and aahing.

But where do you start? Thanks to the internet, you can easily learn skills from the pros themselves at an affordable price. There are tons of great online courses out there, like the ones included in thisPay What You Want: Expert Photography Bundle.

These courses will teach you how to improve your photography game and capture professional-quality shots from the comfort of your home. The bundle includes a mixture of online courses and photography assets from amazing photographers from around the world. Here’s what you’ll learn:

1.Learn the Basic of Manual Shooting and Editing

Your camera has a lot of power, and these courses will teach you how to harness it. Youll learn basic editing techniques and how to go from automatic shooting to manual shooting.

2. How to Compose the Perfect Shot

Whether youre shooting indoors or outdoors, youll learn how to shoot manually and craft well-composed shots. You’ll even learn how to select the right camera for what you want to do.

3..How to Be a Professional Outdoor and Nature Photographer

Nature photography doesnt have to just be a hobby: it can become a career. You’ll learn how to set up a successful business and snap gorgeous, marketable images of the great outdoors.

4.The Art of Black & White Photography

Theres more than one way to transform a digital image into a black-and-white image. You’ll learn the best ways to do that and how to avoid the common pitfalls.

5. Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Lightroom

Lightroom is an essential image editing tool for photographers and you’ll learn how to master the tools that it provides.

6. Unlock the Secret to Night Photography

Its hard to take a good photo at night, but its not impossible. Learn to shoot in difficult, low light situations and capture stunning images.

7. Learn to Use Off-Camera Flash

You cant always rely on natural light to take great photos. You have to master the flash, and you’ll learn the best way to use it to your advantage with these courses.

In addition to the courses, you’ll also gain access to photo asset packs, like food pictures from The Baking Man, killer stock photos from Viktor Hanacek, nature and lifestyle photos by Pawel Kadysz, and more.

The Pay What You Want: Expert Photography Bundle normally costs $2,365, but you can get two essential courses from the bundlefor whatever price you want.Beat the average price, currently under $20, to take home everything! Buy it here.

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