Nurse Looks Completely Healthy, But Shoulder Pain Makes Her Think Shes About To Die

Thanks to modern medicine, we’re able to cure many serious illnesses in the nick of time. Doctors, nurses, and other trained medical professionalsknow the signs and symptoms to look for when we don’t feel welland have the knowledge and the tools to diagnose us.

But some symptoms go unnoticed or ignored simply because they don’t appear to be symptoms of something larger.

Anne Bertino-Lapinsky is using her experience and a brush with death to tell women to always put their health first.

The nurse appears to be the picture of health on the outside, but she had no idea that there was a ticking timebomb inside her body. It was shoulder pain and an overwhelming sense of doom that alerted her that there could be something very wrong.

It’s lucky that she went to see a doctor when she did: It turns out her shoulder pain was due to a blockage in an artery, due to heart disease. If she had gone to a doctor even just a day later, she could have died.

Anne is now explaining that, while women are at risk for this specific ailment, any ache or pain should not be ignored. She says that many women tend to care for others beforethemselves, resulting in their untimely deaths.

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