Overweight Chinese Family Release Before And After Pictures After Six Months Of Working Out

With 2018 just starting, there’s no doubt many of us have made the New Year’s resolution of eating healthier, exercising more and losing a few pounds from the waistline.

However, anyone who has made the decision to embark on their personal weight loss journey will know just how difficult it is to even initiate it, let alone to continue your intensive workouts at the gym for a long period of time.

But while it may be a difficult process, it’s nothing short of inspiring and rewarding when you start seeing incredible results.

Working at increasing your fitness level by strengthening the muscles in your body improves your self-esteem and the motivation you have in other areas of your life.

The best way of going about it is to document your progress in the form of photographs. That way you’ll be reminded of how far you’ve come which should hopefully make you feel a sense of pride.

Thirty-two-year-old photographer Jesse from China did just that, only he decided it was best not to go it alone and had the help of his loving family. Over a period of six months, four members of family supported one another as they made the life-changing decision to shed the pounds. And the pictures that stemmed from their efforts are absolutely incredible and inspiring. The photo diary shows the family embarking on their weight loss journey, with candid shots of them working out in the gym, and supporting each other during long runs. The family’s weight loss transformation started on the 10th of March and was initially planned to last until the 30th of September. However, soon enough, it simply became their new and improved way of life, and something they planned to incorporate into their lives long-term. And it’s safe to say that their new lifestyles certainly had amazing results, as the entire family not only saw slimmer waists, but bulging muscles and cut abs. The before and after pictures of the entire family really show off how much they lost together, and will hoefully inspire other familys to adopt a healthier way of life. So how did it all start? Well, Jesse’s mom made the decision to move in with her son and his pregnant wife to help her daughter-in-law during the initial stages of motherhood. Jesse then thought up the bright idea of inviting his father, who at the time owned a small bamboo factory, into the home as well. He did this so that they could strengthen the already close bond that they shared together. Unfortunately, Jesse’s father’s life was plagued by alcoholism and a seemingly insatiable indulgence in beer. This had inevitably taken its toll on his health, weight, and fitness, and something needed to be done about it. Now that Jesse was going to be a father, and his own father was going to be a grandfather, he desperately wanted to help him to completely regain control of his life by combatting his reliance on alcohol in favor of a much healthier lifestyle. Just look at this father-son duo now: Unbelievably, Jesse devised the entire makeshift weight loss program himself, and led his entire family is a healthier tomorrow. Since exercise wasn’t exactly their forte, at least not initially, they decided to start off slowly but surely. They kicked off their weight loss program with brisk-walking and eventually, they started jogging. (Well, they do say you ‘walk before you run’.) Slowly but surely, the family grew stronger both individually and as a unit. They then tried other more intensive forms of exercise before making the decision to start a gym membership. After a while of working out at the gym, the family began to track the progress they were making by measuring their increasingly slimmer bodies and by taking photographs every 10 days. Incredibly, Jesse and his father’s beer bellies have now transformed into six packs and the four of them look and feel younger than ever. The rest of their friends and family were astonished at how unrecognizable they began to look just months into their epic transformation. They were also impressed at the sheer dedication they put into their new lifestyle. The family hopes to stick to their fitness regime for as long as they possibly can. Needless to say, it has changed a great deal in their lives but Jesse believes the most touching change was watching his father transform into a much more confident man. Yes, dramatic weight loss stories are constantly being shared in the media and so are always on our radar. However, heartwarming stories where families create their own weight loss programs and work at a healthier lifestyle together are much harder to come by. We wish the entire family good luck in all their health and fitness pursuits for the new year!

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