Panera makes ‘delicious cream times soup after Chrissy Teigen suggestion


Model Chrissy Teigen is everyone’s favorite Twitter personality—thanks to her livetweet during her eight-hour flight to nowhere and subsequent feud with Pizzagate—and brands have taken notice.

On Jan. 26, Teigen responded to a tweet from Good Morning America about a “breakfast battle” brewing between Panera and the FDA about whether or not the definition of an egg should be changed. Panera wants the FDA to create a more specific definition so fast food restaurants won’t be able to get away with selling egg products with additives. 

Yes I agree only actual eggs should be called eggs and their broccoli cheddar soup should be called delicious cream times,” Teigen tweeted in response.

At the time, Panera responded and agreed with Teigen about the new soup name.

Anyone who’s ever tweeted to a brand knows that more often than not, the brand will respond cheekily and then nothing will change. That’s not the case, however, if you’re Chrissy Teigen.

Less than a week later, Teigen tweeted a photo of a cup of soup from Panera with a new label: “Delicious Cream Times Soup.”

It doesn’t look like Panera has changed the soup name officially; its menu online still advertises the soup as “broccoli cheddar soup.” But now fans on Twitter have begun begging Teigen to make their wishes come true, as well.

Everyone believes this is proof that Teigen officially holds too much power in the world.

Maybe Teigen will now use her newfound power to sway the FDA about the egg debacle. 

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