25+ Pics That Will Make Trump Regret Canceling WWI Cemetery Visit Because Of Rain

The White House commented on the U.S president’s absence citing, “scheduling and logistical difficulties caused by the weather,” and instead sent a delegation led by Chief of Staff John Kelly to the cemetery in his place. The cloudy weather and rain prevented president’s helicopter for traveling to the site located 50 miles from Paris. Among the world leaders that did show were Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and French President Emmanuel Macron. #9 #10 #19 #20 #29 …

16 Hilarious Times People Made The Mistake Of Wearing Red To Target

Whether it was a sweater, T-shirt or even a polo, these customers quickly became employees and all just for wearing the wrong outfit that day. Scroll down below to see some hilarious stories of people who put a ‘target’ on their back by wearing red! InfiniteRaiders LincolnGraves RoryDiamond cindy4kansas KevinBuffalo wylekolfe ItsJeffLe 4THAVETUTTON anjela moneypitmusic CavemanZoltan MikieRusso twf PiaGlenn BrettCulp ianfimple People in the comments shared their own uniform mishaps