US briefing: Border facility conditions, Antarctic ice and Hong Kong

Tuesdays top story: Democrats describe horrifying conditions at Texas migrant detention facility. Plus, the rise of the CEO as social justice warrior

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Good morning, Im Tim Walker with todays essential stories.

AOC denounces alleged sexual threats by CBP officers

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has detailed the horrifying conditions inside a migrant detention centre in Texas, which she visited on Monday with a group of Democratic representatives. The New York congresswoman said female detainees described their treatment as psychological warfare, and claimed the guards called them whores and told them to drink out of the toilets in their cells if they needed water.


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  • Facebook group. The visit came shortly after ProPublica exposed a secret Facebook forum allegedly for Customs and Border Protection officers, which featured violent or sexual discussions and memes relating to AOC and other Democrats.

  • Texas prisons. Conditions in Texas prisons are also a concern. As Oliver Milman reports, a majority of the states prisons have no air conditioning and are unequipped to deal with the health risks posed by the climate crisis.

Antarctic sea ice suffers precipitous decline since 2014

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Antarctic sea ice plunges from record high to record lows video

Antarctica has lost as much sea ice in the past four years as the Arctic lost in 34 years, according to satellite data showing a precipitous decline in the southern continents sea ice extent since 2014. While the melting of sea ice does not itself raise sea levels, it has a major impact on the global climate system, and can lead to a vicious circle of global heating that ultimately contributes to the melting of ice sheets on land.

China calls Hong Kong protests totally intolerable

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China says violent protests in Hong Kong are ‘undisguised challenge’, reports state TV – video

China has strongly condemned the actions of demonstrators who smashed their way into the Hong Kong legislature on Monday in protest at the semi-autonomous territorys proposed new extradition law. Police charged protesters and fired teargas to disperse the crowds on the 22nd anniversary of Hong Kongs handover to China. In a statement to the state news agency, the Chinese government said the demonstrators violent acts are an extreme challenge to Hong Kongs rule of law.

Trump threatens new tariffs on $4bn of EU products

Donald Trump: Trade wars are good. Photograph: Nicholas Kamm/AFP/Getty Images

Days after reaching a truce in his administrations trade war with China, Donald Trump has threatened to impose fresh tariffs on $4bn of European products as part of a tit-for-tat trade row over aircraft subsidies. EU products worth $21bn were announced as potential targets for tariffs in April this year, including champagne and oysters. The new list of 89 additional items released by the US trade representatives office includes olives, cheese, Scotch whisky, Irish whiskey, pasta and coffee.

  • Tackling homelessness. In a Fox News interview broadcast on Monday, the president said he was looking very seriously at intervening to clean up homelessness in Californias cities, because other world leaders cant be looking at that.

Crib sheet


Trump T-shirts for sale during Laconia, New Hampshires annual bike week. Photograph: Josh Wood

Why do bikers love Trump so much?

Biker culture is rooted in the idea of rebellion, individualism and the freedom to say and do what you want, whether or not it offends others. Which might explain why Trump is an unlikely idol for attendees at Laconia, New Hampshires annual motorcycle week, as Josh Wood discovers.

After 50 years of HIV, how close are we to a cure?

Half a century since a Missouri teenager became its first known victim, just two patients are believed to have been cured of HIV. Does their treatment point the way for the 37 million people still living with the virus? Edward Siddons and Thomas Graham investigate.

A glimpse of socialism, Mormon-style

Utah has one of the lowest rates of income inequality in the US, thanks in part to the Church of Latter-day Saints welfare system: a slice of socialism in the Rocky Mountain west. But as Kathleen McLaughlin reports, Mormon influence also accounts for the states poor record on gender equality.

Ants on a plane: a viral story

When an ant infestation spread through the cabin during her nine-hour United Airlines flight from Venice, Charlotte Burns started tweeting about it. By the time she landed in Newark, a TV news crew was waiting to hear her story. She explains what happened, and Uniteds bizarre response.


Big banks have ceased funding private prison firms. Apples Tim Cook has called Trumps border policies inhumane. Corporate leaders are stepping into the moral vacuum left by Republicans, says Jill Priluck but their motives arent entirely altruistic.

The outcry over the migrants didnt change public policy. But it raised the profiles of CEOs whose jobs depend on preserving their public image or risking ouster.


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The 15-year-old US tennis prodigy Cori Coco Gauff has become the youngest player to win a first-round ladies singles match at Wimbledon since 1991, beating five-time champion Venus Williams 6-4, 6-4 in a game hailed as a generational handover. Meanwhile, Williamss sister Serena may be set for a dream doubles partnership with Andy Murray.

The England manager, Phil Neville, has told the Guardian that England have to stop being a semi-final team and become serial winners like the USA as the Lionesses prepare to face the defending champions in Tuesdays Womens World Cup semi-finals.

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